This Is the One Thing That Separates Successful People From the Rest

Updated 05/23/17
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Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project, knows a thing or two about seeking (and finding) contentment. In fact, she's even "walked arm-in-arm with the Dali Lama." Rubin believes that understanding your own identity, specifically how you form habits and meet your goals, is a key factor in achieving success both personally and professionally. In this article from Business Insider, she outlines four personality types based upon intrinsic and extrinsic expectations. Read through the summaries below to find out what drives your goals so you can actually stick to them.

The Upholder will carry out their own goals as well those of others' because they don't like letting people down. They also have an easy time forming habits and value routine. Your emergency contact, for example, is probably an upholder.

The Questioner commits to something if they genuinely find it meaningful, not because of blind faith and societal norms. The motto? To thine own self, be true. Otherwise, you probably won't give a project or job your best effort.

The Obliger follows through on their commitments when they're held accountable by an external factor. In other words, they don't mind letting themselves down, but they don't want to inconvenience anyone else.

The Rebel believes in total autonomy based upon how they feel, which, as emotions usually go, can fluctuate frequently. In an effort to live with authenticity, they may not follow through on their own goals nor anyone else's.

Which personality type are you? Feel free to take Rubin's quiz if you still aren't sure, and share your results in the comments below.

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