The State of Teen Romance in the Digital Age Is a Bit Scary

Don’t believe us when we say that the landscape of dating is changing thanks to increasingly pervasive technology? A new study out of the Pew Research Center is shedding some fascinating, if expected, light on teen romance in the digital age.

Main findings underscore just how intertwined technology and social media are with modern courting and romance patterns and behaviors. Whereas making a mixtape for a crush might have expressed romantic interest in decades past, these days, 47% of teens say they express interest and attraction by liking, commenting on, or otherwise interacting with that person on social media.

Pew also uncovered just how common texting is as a mode of communication. In fact, 72% of teens engage with their romantic partners this way daily. Similarly—and definitely cause for a bit of concern—is the fact that even though this age group views an in-person conversation as the best way to end a relationship and texting as taboo, more than 31% of teens have been broken up with over text message.

And yet, they do it. Sound familiar?

To read more of the findings, visit Pew Research.

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