5 Phrases That Make You Come Off as Inexperienced at Work

As someone who looks much younger than her actual age—I was asked if I was an intern just last week—it's always been very important for me to appear experienced on the job. Other than aging yourself physically by wearing loads of black clothing and sporting more makeup than is probably necessary (or good for your skin), there are ways to conduct yourself with poise and grace that will without fail make you appear more mature and experienced than you actually are. When I found an article on Business Insider that pointed out key phrases to avoid using at work because they make you appear inexperienced, I thought, I'd better remove these from my vocabulary, and fast. Scroll down to find out which expressions and words you need to stop using at the office right now:

1. "I don't know." Don't ever make it seem like you don't have an answer. Mention that you are handling it right now and will confirm details as soon as possible. This way, your colleagues know that you have things under control.

2. "I" and "me." You'll come off as more authoritative if you remove these personal pronouns from your everyday use. Next time you're drafting an email, give it a go.

3. "I have to ask my boss." There's no denying that most of us have a direct supervisor, but by reminding someone of that, you are automatically making yourself seem inferior. If you don't know the answer or have to consult with someone regarding a certain task, just say you are going to talk to the team and you'll circle back with an answer shortly. 

4. "I can meet at whatever time works for you." When you were an intern asking a high-level executive to meet you for coffee, this was totally appropriate. Now that you're in the workforce, you are a busy human. When someone asks what time to meet, kindly suggest a few available time slots. 

5. "I'll try." The last time someone used this phrase with you, a positive outcome wasn't so promising, right? This phrase makes it seem like you might not have enough power to get something done, so forget about using this one, going forward.

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What are your tricks for coming off as more experienced at work?