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15 Pink Bedrooms That Are Totally Grown-Up

Teen bedroom with pink patterned wallpaper accent wall.

Erin Williamson Interiors

As our regular readers already know, we here at MyDomaine have a penchant for pink interiors—and we've made no effort to hide our love of spaces that showcase the rosy hue.

In fact, we're still head over heels for the blush furniture we spotted in the living room of this color-rich home and the hot pink rug in the foyer of this colorful Portland home. "However you decide to infuse pink into the space, it creates a soft glow that makes every room a bit more inviting," says designer Andi Morse.

Meet the Expert

Andi Morse is an Atlanta-based interior designer and founder of Morse Design.

So it should come as no surprise that the following pink bedrooms totally stopped us in our tracks. Read on to find out how to incorporate pink into your own bedroom, as inspired by these pretty pink spaces.

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Create a Pink Statement Wall

Teen bedroom with pink patterned wallpaper accent wall.

Erin Williamson Interiors

In this boho bedroom, a pink statement wall steals the spotlight. The bold pink hue looks anything but juvenile when paired with rattan furniture and bold pattern (thanks to wallpaper and pillows). You can try your hand at this with removable wallpaper or painting simple shapes to create a design that feels upscale.

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Add a Blush Pink Headboard

House of Harvee

House of Harvee

As this sophisticated bedroom demonstrates, light shades of pink pair especially well with rich jewel tones. Here, a blush velvet headboard stands out against burnt orange bedding. To tie the room together, pillows in a deep pink hue are paired with ivory linens. "Using pink or, as I like to call it, blush, is a great color to add softness to a room. You can use it all over or just as an accent color," Morse says.

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Go Pale

bedroom with pale pink comforter

Bespoke Only

This minimalist room makes a compelling case for decorating with pale pink. Subtle and sophisticated, the soft shade is almost neutral, so it pairs well with other hues like white or black. This makes it an ideal choice for walls or for your bedding.

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Be Bold

Whimsical girls pink bedroom.

Design: Brenda Danso; Photo: Janelle Gokule

Go bold with a multi-hued pink wall. Here, a pink brushstroke pattern provides the perfect backdrop for a thoroughly whimsical bedroom that's brimming with playful prints. Why does it work? Layers of texture, lots of color variation, and approaching design with a sense of humor.

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Add Pink Linens

Reena Sotropa

Reena Sotropa

In varying shades of pink, linens—complete with decorative pillows, a blanket, and a rug—look fresh. You can work with matching patterns or try something more eclectic to add texture. If you go that route, use the bright hue as an anchor color and pair it with neutrals, such as gray and beige.

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Consider Pink Curtains

Indoor swing in bedroom.

Design: Brenda Danso; Photo: Janelle Gokule

This bedroom is proof that, when it comes to pink, more is more. Here, a set of pink curtains and a patterned rug pair with pale rosy walls. The variation in hue and pattern keeps it from feeling too monochromatic.

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Try a Vintage Rug

pink paint colors

Studio McGee; Photography: Lindsay Salazar

One of the easiest ways to add pink in a mature way is to pair it with vintage or antique dećor. In this pale pink bedroom, a vintage rug lends an elegant touch to the soft and romantic space. A scalloped headboard, a glam chandelier, and a bone-inlay mirror fill the space with texture-rich details.

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Paint Your Ceiling

Rikki Snyder

Rikki Snyder

Gain inspiration from this space and incorporate pink into a bedroom with a colorful ceiling. Pepper the room with complementary pops of pink to further diffuse the hue throughout the space. Here, pink pillows and a rosy vase complete the look.

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Create an Ombré Effect

pink paint colors

Stefani Stein; Photography: Tessa Neustadt

Soften up pink by creating an ombré wall. Here, a blush pink ombré wall lends contrast to a space marked by black-and-white pillows and black lighting. A pink headboard ties it all together.

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Make Your Quilt Pink

Jessica Nelson Design

Jessica Nelson Design

Adding the blush-colored hue to your room can be as easy as draping a quilt over your bed. In this light-filled bedroom, a bed bedecked in a pale pink quilt looks positively dreamy. A neutral patterned rug and dresser in warm wood tones add dimension to the space without overpowering the soft-hued linens.

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Layer Different Shades Together

bedroom with different textures and layer of pink blankets

House of Harvee

Pink is a delightful shade to lighten up your room, but too much of the same color can feel like overkill. Try layering different shades of pink together to keep things from feeling boring. Fabrics are your best bet in this case (like the different versions of pink showcased by the blankets on the bed shown here), but you can also achieve this through wall art, paint colors, or rugs.

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Get Creative With a Mural

bedtoom with crane mural and leather oval headboard

Anne Sage

If you want to add pink to your space, but in a decidedly grown-up way, then your dećor will play a major factor. Adding a light shade of rosy hue to your wall is lovely, but getting creative with a mural can give you the chance to showcase your personality. We love how this bedroom from Anne Sage added some gorgeous painted birds that are both playful and elegant. The leather headboard is a nice touch as well.

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Pair Pink and Teal Together

pink and teal bedroom with wicker bed frame

Michelle Boudreau Design

If you want an energetic boost to your bedroom, try pairing pink and teal. Both shades are bold in their own respects but have a way of balancing each other out nicely. Given their striking radiance, you can paint any walls or get furniture in a solid shade of either, and the result will be a refreshing space to come home to.

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Try Millennial Pink

monochromatic pink bedroom

Michelle Boudreau Design

If you're a millennial, you're likely already familiar with this hue. The daily innocuous shade isn't overwhelmingly bright, nor is it overtly pale–it strikes a gorgeous in-between. It's an ideal choice if you are a huge fan of the color but want it to represent your current phase in life. Try including a fun geometric print as an accent to add some flair.

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Give Pink and Plum a Chance

pink bedroom with purple and maroon accents

Michelle Boudreau Design

Pink and purple make a whimsical team–but if you're looking for a more adult theme in your space, try going for a deeper purple tone like plum. The combination of light and dark hues is known to create depth and drama, yet the plum hue keeps things from feeling too dark and dreary. Adding fancy accents and lighting can also help elevate the space to something more elegant.

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