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20 Picture-Perfect Pink Kitchen Ideas You'll Absolutely Adore

Pink kitchen with wallpaper

deVOL Kitchens

Pink kitchens are a trend that is here to stay, like it or not. We not only like it—we love it. Pink is essentially a neutral when it’s in a barely-there blush tone, and it's a showstopper when allowed to shine. From rosy pink to hot magenta and every shade in between, pink can provide a dose of energy and a feeling of calm, and there are many ways to achieve both.  

If the thought of a floor-to-ceiling pink kitchen feels more Barbie Dream House than a real-life adult house, we’re here with ideas and inspiration of ways—some subtle, some not-so-subtle—to include the color, from patterned wallpaper to a blush backsplash to, yes, a pink refrigerator. 

Scroll on for 20 pretty in pink kitchens that will have you calling the paint store (and tile store and appliance store) immediately. 

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Design Around a Pink Focal Point

Pink kitchen with vintage wallpaper

Samantha Klein

Samantha Klein revolved her whole kitchen around this wallpaper, a design she had made, inspired by vintage wallpaper.

“I fell so in love with it and wanted the rest of the kitchen to go with it, so I brought in some pinks, whites, and golds," she says. "I'm absolutely in love with how it turned out."

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Add Pink to Multiple Spaces for Cohesion

Pink kitchen with wallpaper

deVOL Kitchens

If your living room is pink—look at that cool wallpaper!—and is within eyeshot of your kitchen, you can ease the flush color into your kitchen to smooth the transition between rooms. Think as deVOL Kitchens did here, adding pink throw pillows and a pink planter.

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Balance Pink With White

Pink kitchen cabinets

Mary Costa for Black Lacquer Design

Black Lacquer Design did just that here: balancing pink lower cabinets (lots of pink lower cabinets) with white walls, white window treatments, and a white tiled backsplash. Sunlight bounces off the walls to create a vibrant, glowing kitchen that’d make anyone in it instantly happy.

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Tiptoe Into a Pink Kitchen Design

Kitchen with pink painted door

Shannon Eddings Interiors

If you’re hesitant to go wall-to-wall pink, start small as designer Shannon Eddings did in this kitchen. For a subtle hint of the blushy color, she painted the door a barely-there shade of pink.

If you crave more of the color after the first taste, incorporate easy additions like a rug or artwork.

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Pair Pink With Green for an Unbeatable Combo

Pink and green kitchen

deVOL Kitchens

There’s something enlivening about the color combination of pink and green. deVOL Kitchens must agree, since they oh-so beautifully paired a carnation pink-painted island and matching kitchen cabinets with gorgeous, variegated green tile that reaches the ceiling. It’s classic, it’s elegant, it’s glamorous, and it’s unforgettable.

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Be Inspired By Your Travels

Pink Key West inspired kitchen

Stephanie Summers-Mayer

Suddenly, we’re thirsty for a mai tai. You too? Stephanie Summers-Mayer’s Key West-inspired kitchen has a tropical feel, from the show-stopping pink SMEG fridge to the matching coffee kettle to the vacation vibes wallpaper with hints of pink popping out from behind the palm leaves. The key to adding wallpaper in your kitchen? Instead of cabinets, opt for open shelves, so the wallpaper can really shine. 

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Think Pink Beyond Just Cabinets

Pink kitchen and dining space

2LG Studio

2LG Studio’s kitchen in their London live/work space (and self-professed passion project) celebrates pink in all sorts of unexpected ways—beyond the pink cabinetry and into the door frame and dining space. For your own pink kitchen, incorporate rosy hues in compelling places: the door trim, for instance, or in a light fixture or chair upholstery.

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Coordinate Appliances With Cabinetry

Pink kitchen cabinets

Benjamin Moore

If you dig a retro vibe, take notes from this kitchen. First, paint your cabinets a soft rosy color— this hue is Benjamin Moore’s First Light 2102-70, a fan favorite—and then layer '60s-inspired accessories. An old-school clock, maybe? Or how about a pink toaster? Definitely.

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Add a Vibrant Wallpaper

Tatie Lou pink patterned wallpaper

Tatie Lou

For a not-for-the-faint-of-heart kitchen, complement pink cabinetry with hints of pink in patterned wallpaper, like this Tatie Lou design called Plume. The pattern is also available for lampshades and fabric, so you can get real matchy-matchy with your kitschy kitchen.

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Invest In Pink Appliances

Pink kitchen with pink SMEG refrigerator

Beth Sandland

Refrigerators are no small purchase, and they’re no small aspect of your kitchen design either, so splurge on one that makes you happy. Perfect like this bubblegum pink SMEG design that Beth Sandland used as a focal point in her pretty in pink kitchen.

Upscale, contemporary features throughout the kitchen, like the sleek cabinetry and herringbone flooring, keep it from feeling too kitschy.

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Go High-Gloss for a High Impact

Glossy pink cabinets in kitchen


This Popstahl-designed pink kitchen is not for the bashful type. The high gloss magenta cabinetry is a scene-stealer, so much so that not much else decor is needed, and the sparsity of the rest of the space gives your eyes a bit of a break.

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Remember: Pink + Brass = Match Made in Design Heaven

Pink, brass and teal kitchen

Naked Kitchens

There are some colors that seem made for each other, and pink and gold is one of them. Or in this case, brass. In this Naked Kitchens design, the aged-brass backsplash and antique brass faucet pairs perfectly with pale pink walls and teal cabinets.

As if this kitchen didn’t have enough character already, a quirky gallery wall–not something you see in many kitchens—adds a down-to-earth feel.

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Hang Open Shelving for Your Prettiest Ceramics

Pink kitchen with open shelves

New Generation Improvements

Here’s an idea we’re stealing immediately: hang open shelves on an underutilized wall to display your beloved ceramics collection. We love how New Generation Improvements incorporated a frame-like shelf in this dusty rose kitchen, showcasing the colorful mugs, saving precious cabinet space, and highlighting even more pops of color.

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Go Bold with a Bright Pink Rug

Pink kitchen with pink rug

Studio DIY

Whether or not you have the pink cabinets to coordinate, one way to incorporate a splash of color into your kitchen is by laying down a magenta Moroccan rug. (Which, before you ask, yes, can be washed.)

Studio DIY didn’t shy away from color of all kinds in her bright and cheery kitchen, and the rug is key to pulling it all together, as it highlights both bits of black and washes of pink.

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Take a Risk With Your Color Combinations

Pink and red kitchen

deVOL Kitchens

Yes, you can combine pink and red together. And no, it doesn’t have to look like a Valentine’s Day card. deVOL Kitchens shows us how it’s done with this stunner of a kitchen, which pairs oxblood cabinetry with soft pink-painted brick. Other aspects, like the skirted cabinets, evoke a more traditional era.

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Splurge On Pink Patterned Floors

Pink kitchen with patterned tile floor

2LG Studio

Why stop with pink walls? Or pink cabinets? If you’re committing to a pink kitchen, go floor-to-ceiling with the look. 2LG Studio featured a graphic pink and blue-tiled floor in this pretty pink kitchen. It’s bold, but not overwhelming, a must when you’re working with such standout colors and patterns.  

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Add Texture to the Walls

Allison Wu pink kitchen

Lauren Stelling for Allison Wu

If Venetian plaster was cool enough for the Renaissance masters, it’s more than cool enough for a modern pink kitchen. Allison Wu added texture and visual interest to her pretty pink walls with the technique, which, when paired with marble countertops and sleek appliances, makes for a classic space ancient Romans would approve of.

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Install a Pink Backsplash

Pink kitchen backsplash

Peacock Finds

In case you needed yet another reminder that pink and green is a match made in color combination heaven, this shaker-style kitchen, with a herringbone-patterned pink backsplash should inspire you to whip out the paint brushes and redesign your tile. Lucinda of Peacock Finds designed this timeless yet unexpected kitchen, which also features a patterned wallpaper that perfectly pulls out the pink and green.

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Mix ‘n’ Match Patterns and Textures

Pink kitchen cabinets

Tabitha Webb

Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures—they add dimension to an already dynamic pink kitchen design. Tabitha Webb did just that in her own kitchen, with chevron tiles and fluted pink cabinet doors. We’d like to move in immediately, please.

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Offset Pretty Pink with Bold Black

Kitchen with black cabinets and pink accent wall

Our Edwardian Home

Think pink is too sweet for you? Balance the rosy color with a daring black, like Maggie of Our Edwardian Home did in her kitchen. She painted the floors to match the bold cabinetry, made all the bolder with a pink accent wall and graphic framed art.