18 Pink Marble Ideas Pretty Enough to Make You Blush

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Tina Bousu

Millennial pink took the design world—and our social media feeds—by storm. And while that shade of pink may win the popularity contest, we've seen an even more Instagram-worthy trend developing: pink marble. Once we saw a few examples of this luxe, texture-rich material fused with the versatile and energetic color, we knew we needed to embrace pink marble design ideas in our next home décor projects.

Think swirls of pale peach, cotton candy pink, coral, and blush tones. Whether you're ready to bring this design trend home or just want to admire its textured, dreamy aesthetic, let the best interior designer ideas lead the way to your next style crush.

Keep scrolling for our favorite pink marble designs to learn how to incorporate this chic material in your own space.

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Mix Shades of Marble

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

With a glowing, ethereal mirror and stunning pink marble features, it simply doesn't get dreamier than this feminine, simple bathroom. Since the lower walls and sink are both made of marble, the juxtaposition between the lighter shade on the sink and the richer color on the wall is an important element to create depth. Minimal gold accents help add variety to this unique design, from the shower to the sink hardware.

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Establish a Clear Palette

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Fiona Lynch

When you're trying to come up with a color palette that will complement a peachy pink marble backsplash, consider mixing pink champagne tones with deep blue-green and bright aqua hues. The result is stunning and totally unexpected. Metallic rose gold décor helps bring a shiny contrast to the matte backsplash and countertops.

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Try a Monochromatic Look

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Pattern Studio

Though the impeccable vignette above is in a commercial space, you can still take style notes to include the aesthetic in your home. In fact, we can see this as inspiration for a fashion-forward dining nook with a luxe built-in velvet banquette. This is a striking example of a monochromatic color scheme done right.

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Go Glamorous

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Flack Studio

The matte black minimalist features in this bathroom toughen up the brassy finishes and pink marble statement pieces. Plus, the lack of décor and wall art is a great way to keep our eyes focused on the raw materials' beauty. It also gives us a good reason to maintain clutter-free counters.

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Try a Two-Toned Design

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Joanna Parol; Photo: Manolo Langis

The two-toned marble in this bathroom photographed by Manolo Langis has us dreaming of renovating our own spaces. Black accents from the round mirror's frame to the countertop décor and pendant light hardware tie this design together. Clean lines from floor to ceiling set the stage for a modern space, while a more eclectic personality comes from the marbled textures on each surface.

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Experiment With Maximalism

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Studio DB, Photo: Matthew Williams

With spirals of deep grays and muted cotton candy pink tones, this bathroom counter is absolutely striking. We love the choice of wallpaper, which reflects the natural patterns as well as the color scheme. Since the countertop has plenty of bright whites in its background, it creates contrast against darker wallpaper to keep the room feeling dynamic.

Bold patterns can be a design commitment, so if you anticipate changing up your wallpaper in the future, choose a removable option that can easily be switched out.

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Opt for Something Subtle

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

Navy blue paint, rich oak paneling, and simple white countertops make this coral pink marble backsplash feel subtle and intentional. To honor the spirit of lightheartedness in a playful design, add in pastel tableware and décor like the pieces on this open shelving. Stainless steel appliances bring a modern element to the earthy kitchen.

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Design Your Personal Spa

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Tina Bousu

We can't get enough of this eclectic, elegant bathroom. From the floor-to-ceiling marbled pink walls to the built-in fireplace, it's filled with character and personal touches. Plenty of lush indoor plants add an inviting vibe to the space, and we could curl up with a book in this metallic soaker tub for hours.

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Design Small Hints of Pink

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Naked Kitchens

While the pink hues woven throughout the marbled backsplash may not be the first thing you notice in this kitchen, they're just vibrant enough to warm up a white-and-gray space. Copper tones on the pots and pans play on the soft, understated colors in the marble, while gray tiled floors round out its darker shades. Paired with white cabinetry and a large stainless steel hood vent, this kitchen has a modern setting for the stunning marble to make a statement.

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Accent With Light Wood Tones

best pink marble design ideas

Design: House of Harvee

We love the light wood accents in this kitchen that complement its pink marble island. In an all-white space, the peachy textures are able to stand out and create a bold focal point. Gold hardware brings a metallic element to the matte, earthy materials, while a hint of black on the stove adds just enough contrast to make the design feel complete.

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Incorporate Statement Furniture

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Le Centerpiece

We love the minimalist design in this space. A simple black leather couch adds a comfortable, inviting texture alongside the pink table. The marbled piece is undeniably the focal point of the room thanks to its rich hues and softly blended patterns.

For a cohesive look, incorporate pink décor that matches the exact shade of your marble furniture to tie the space together.

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Add Extra Texture

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Naked Kitchens

The texture of the countertops in this kitchen isn't just thanks to its marbled material—these designers took it a step further by choosing counters with carved horizontal lines throughout. We love the bright wall paint that complements the light pink shade on the counters. With a textured brass backsplash, the room is bursting with personality and a blend of contrasting materials.

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Match Your Cabinetry

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Naked Kitchens

This large slab of marble is almost entirely white, but bright streaks of pink make for a striking display. The colorful hues of the backsplash match the simplistic matte cabinetry for a cohesive style. Designed with natural wood accents and black-and-white décor, this marbled texture is the star of the show.

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Take It to the Floor

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Dazey Den

We can't get enough of the pink hues in this bright kitchen, from the wall color to the dining chairs and décor. But what really stands out is the floors: Pink marbled tile is designed in an offset pattern with small geometric tiles to create a layered effect. The textures of the tile are undeniably stylish, and the floors set the stage for pink furniture and sleek white cabinetry to stand out.

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Style an Accent Table

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Nest Interiors KC

The pink and gray hues of this console table bring an elegant touch to the space. Paired with bright white walls and textured trim, it adds color to the room without taking away from its clean, airy vibe. We're loving the rustic artwork and metallic gold décor that tie the design together.

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Give Your Marble a Glow Up

best pink marble design ideas

Photo: Rikki Snyder

While the soft pink-and-gray marble on this kitchen's backsplash and countertops is a statement itself, the vintage light fixture completes the room. Brass accents are always a great option to pair beautifully with marbled materials. We love how this designer went further by painting the cabinetry in the same shade as the marble's darker hues.

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Mix and Match Textures

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Alexis of Xinweiiwang

A simple way to add a touch of pink marble to your space is through accent furniture—and we can't get enough of the variety of textures in these pieces. The soft, inviting sofa adds a comfortable touch alongside a stylish marble side table. With wood floors and a patterned, colorful rug, this room is a great example of mix-matching textures for a dynamic finish.

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Explore Quieter Tones

best pink marble design ideas

Design: Studio Ashby

We love the dynamic effect of this layered marble shelving, which picks up on the room's earth-toned colors. To create even more depth, the designers chose to work with brass and burl wood surfaces. Perhaps what ties the whole space together is the subtle mauve color of the shelves: Their soft hue feels balanced among the room's neutral color scheme.