9 Pink Marble Ideas Pretty Enough to Make You Blush

pink marble

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

Millennial pink took the design world—and our social media feeds—by storm. And while that shade of pink wins the popularity contest, we've been seeing an even more Instagram-worthy sub-trend cropping up: pink marble. Once we saw a few examples of this luxe, texture-rich material fused with the unexpectedly versatile and energetic color, we knew we needed to find more pink marble ideas.

Think swirls of cotton-candy, pale peach, coral, and blush tones. If you want to bring this design trend home or feast your eyes on a fresh batch of visual delight, allow the pink marble ideas below to lead the way to your next interior design crush.

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Mix Shades

Pink marble

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

With a glowing, ethereal mirror and stunning pink marble features, it simply doesn't get dreamier than this super-feminine and simple bathroom. Plus, the juxtaposition between the lighter shade on the sink and the richer color on the wall is unparalleled.

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Establish a Clear Palette

pink marble

Design: Fiona Lynch

When you're trying to come up with a color palette that will complement a peachy-pink marble backsplash, consider pink Champagne tones mixed with metallic rose-gold, deep blue-green, and bright aqua hues. The result is stunning and totally unexpected.

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Try a Monochromatic Look

pink marble

Design: Pattern Studio

Though the impeccable vignette above is in a commercial space, you can still take style notes for your home. In fact, we can see this as inspiration for a fashion-forward dining nook with a luxe built-in velvet banquette. This is a shining example of a monochromatic color scheme done right.

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Explore Quieter Tones

pink marble

Design: Studio Ashby

We love the dynamic effect of the layered marble shelving, which picks up on the room's earth-toned colors. To create even more depth, the designers at Studio Ashby chose to work with brass and burl wood surfaces. Perhaps what ties the whole space together is the subtle mauve color of the shelves. If they went with something brighter, it wouldn't have worked as well.

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Go Glamorous

pink marble

Design: Flack Studio

The black matte minimalist features in this bathroom toughen up the brassy finishes and pink marble statement pieces. Plus, the lack of décor and wall art is also a great way to keep our eyes focused on the raw materials' beauty. It also gives us a good reason to maintain clutter-free counters.

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Experiment With Maximalism

pink marble

Design: Studio DB, Photo: Matthew Williams

With spirals of deep grays and muted cotton-candy tones, this bathroom counter is absolutely striking. We love the choice of wallpaper, which reflects the natural patterns as well as the color scheme.

Bold and patterned wallpaper can get a bit old, so if you see yourself wanting to change it up every once in a while, opt for a removable option so that you don't have to commit.

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Opt for Something Subtle

pink marble

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

Navy blue paint, rich oak paneling, and simple white countertops make the coral pink marble backsplash subtler and more liveable. To honor the spirit of lightheartedness and fun, bring in pastel tableware and décor.

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Go All Out

pink marble

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

Even though this beautiful powder room is all pink, it still feels minimal. That said, the pink marble sink and backsplash's richness adds enough charisma that adding decor or art may be a little too much. In this space, it's all about balance and, believe it or not, restraint.

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Keep It Light and Bright

pink marble

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

In this modern kitchen, Elizabeth Roberts took advantage of the flood of natural light by swathing the space in warm and pale shades. We especially love this kitchen because it's such a cool riff on the classic all-white kitchen.

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