5 Ways to Improve Your Business With Pinterest 

If you’re anything like us, then you worship at Pinterest’s visual altar too, but it’s okay because we’re not alone. Statistics tell us another 72.8 million people do too. So just imagine the potential for your business if you directed those image-seeking Internet users to your website. It’s hard to believe it was ever overlooked as a source of social media referral traffic. We asked popular Pinfluencer and new Pinterest ambassador Alexandra Evjen to share her insider tips on how your business can benefit from some major traffic.

Rich-Pin Your Way to Success.

If you’re a blog or business that is not rich-pinning, then you are missing out on major traffic. What is a rich pin, you say? A rich pin—which can be an app, movie, recipe, article, product, or place—is a pin that includes extra information on the pin itself. Pinterest gives priority to these pins and recommends them to its users because the content is ensured to be good and valuable. How does Pinterest know that? Well, you have to apply to use rich pins, and a staff member at Pinterest goes through the applications to make sure you are a legitimate business that is not spamming people. Since I began using rich pins, my site traffic and engagement have grown significantly. Use them now! Run—don’t walk!

Get a Business Account.

You might be saying to yourself, “Only big brands need a business account.” Wrong! If you care about getting your blog content out there and growing your Pinterest community, your business account will be able to give you statistics that will help you measure your Pinterest success. You’ll be able to know how much traffic is coming to your blog from Pinterest, which pins are performing best, which users are repinning your pins the most, where in the world your community lives, and more. All of this is important in building a Pinterest strategy. Plus, it’s free. Get one here.

Ignore Time—It Does Not Exist Within Pinterest.

I’m not trying to be philosophical here. Time literally doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to your feed. Your Pinterest feed is a smart feed based on the interests you follow, what you are pinning, and who you follow. You will still see content from those you follow, and your followers will still see yours as well; it just won’t be shared in a chronological format. What does this mean for you? Well, you can go on pinning sprees and not worry about stuffing your followers’ feeds. This also means that you need to be purposeful about SEO and optimizing those pin descriptions to get your content in front of your audience.

Be Mindful of SEO. 

Did you know that search engines like Bing and Google pull in your pins as part of your search results? Awesome, right?! That means it’s important to write great pin descriptions that reflect what a user would search. Simply describe what you see in the pin. For example, “eclectic, modern kitchen makeover by Kishani Perera.”

Optimize Your Imagery.

Well-styled, illuminated, colorful content that’s vertically oriented will outperform a black-and-white landscape iPhone photo any day of the week. Make sure you are paying close attention to the creation of your pins. If you don’t know how to take great pictures, hire a photographer. If you don’t know how to style images, hire a stylist!

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Do you use Pinterest for your business? What are some successful tips you can share with us? Let us know in the comments!