Pinterest Has Spoken: These 10 Décor Trends Are About to Blow Up

Updated 12/12/17

With access to over 14 billion home décor pins, there's no denying Pinterest has a serious advantage when it comes to predicting trends. This week, its team mined the site's extensive database to find out which decorating ideas are resonating most with users—and the findings are far from predictable.

A common theme emerges from the 10 home décor trends Pinterest spotlights. Gone are the days when safe, neutral rooms are prefereable—2018 calls for making a statement, whether that be by painting a ceiling, installing bold doors, or decorating with mixed metallic accents.

Pinterest is calling it: These 10 décor trends will dominate your board in 2018.

1. Spa-inspired bathrooms: Resort-style luxury bathroom pins increased +269%

2 Mixed metals: Users are searching for interior inspiration featuring mixed metals, including brass, chrome, and gold.

3. Terrazzo flooring: "The forgotten flooring of the '70s is brightening up ceilings, entryways and everything in between," Pinterest reports.

4. The fifth wall: Forget statement walls. The next big thing is to paint the ceiling a bold hue.

5. Bone inlaid tiles: There has been a spike in bone inlaid tile pins, which add drama to any space.

6. Herringbone floors: This trend has been popular for years, but Pinterest predicts it's sure to be trendy in 2018.

7. Colored doors: "Colorful door" pins rose +121% year-on-year.

8. Bright foliage: Think beyond green, and opt for foliage that adds color and pattern to any room.

9. Graphic wall art: Large posters, works of art, and photography prints saw a huge spike of +637%.

10. Sage: Pinterest calls this the "new neutral" of 2018. Watch this space.

Which décor trends do you think will be big in 2018? Share your predictions with us below.

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