Pinterest Is Calling These the "Next Big Décor Trends"

Updated 02/13/18

If we want our homes to have a timeless feel, following trends obsessively is perhaps not the safest way to decorate. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't stay on top of industry trends to pick and choose a few ideas to modernize our homes. If Pinterest's survey of the top growing décor trends for 2018 is any indication, home trends are following the societal climate in which they currently exist. Case in point, soft, calming spaces are having a moment, but they're also punctuated by a few bold statements.

A spa bathroom with a statement black ceiling anyone? See which trends have seen a spike on Pinterest lately, and which are likely to dominate in 2018.

PInterest Décor Trends 2018: Spa Bathrooms
Courtesy of Liljencrantz Design

Spa Bathrooms

We could all use a little more peace of mind and TLC in the 2018 climate. People's answer to self-care is spa-inspired bathrooms, which have spiked 269%.

Quick tip: Don't have time for a full remodel? Try adding an essential-oil diffuser in your bathroom and reduce your clutter to a minimum. Installing dimmers will also help you get those relaxing vibes we all crave.

PInterest Décor Trends 2018: Statement Ceilings
Courtesy of Bespoke Only

Statement Ceilings

The default ceiling color has long been a generic flat white, but 2018 may be the year when this changes. Statement ceilings were one of the top growing search terms on Pinterest, with a 310% spike.

Quick tip: Transform your room from the top down with bold paint, striking wallpaper, or intricate texture. Or opt for a more modern approach by painting your ceiling the same color as your walls or a few shades darker to get a monochrome feel.

PInterest Décor Trends 2018: Terrazzo
Antártica Estudio ; DESIGN: Cordero Atelier


The forgotten flooring of the '70s is brightening up ceilings, floors, and everything in between with a 316% spike in Pinterest search results.

Quick tip: The more modern terrazzo usually features larger and more colorful chunks of marbles than its predecessor—and it's being used everywhere from backsplashes to vanities.

PInterest Décor Trends 2018: Big Wall Art
Courtesy of Liljencrantz Design

Big Wall Art

Say goodbye to gallery walls—homeowners are ditching small artwork in favor of big wall art, a search term that's gone up 637%.

Quick tip: Blow up your own photography for a budget-friendly approach to large-scale art, or find an upcoming artist who may not yet be commanding high prices.

PInterest Décor Trends 2018: Mixed Metals
Nikole Ramsay ; DESIGN: Alex McCabe

Mixed Metals

The age-old question "Can I mix brass with chrome?" may no longer apply in 2018, as searches for mixed metals have gone up 423%.

Quick tip: There can be too much of a good thing as far as brass is concerned, so try mixing brass surfaces with starker black hardware to give your space a more discerning and current look.

PInterest Décor Trends 2018: Colorful Doors
Courtesy of Space Exploration

Colorful Doors

A colorfully painted front door is the new way to welcome guests in 2018, with a 121% spike in searches. Don't just save this for the front door though.

Quick tip: If you love sharp white gallery walls, try painting just your interior doors in a bold blue or soft lilac to give your space a colorful touch.

PInterest Décor Trends 2018: Sage
Christian Harder ; DESIGN: ASH NYC


Soften up a space with sage, the new neutral, which has gone up 170%. Go even further by sage-smudging your space so it'll not only feel relaxing, but it will also be cleared of bad vibes.

Quick tip: Try a muted shade of sage so as to not overpower your space, and try it on both walls, trims, and ceiling for a monochrome modern look.

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