6 Pinterest Hacks All the Pros Use

pinterest hacks

Confession: We have a major Pinterest obsession. But, hey, who doesn't, right? It's officially transformed how we decorate our homes, so much so that it's become our go-to for everything from small-space decorating ideas to dream home planning and kitchen inspiration. In all honesty, it's pretty much our first stop for everything from wedding ideas to mouthwatering recipes. But we're not alone: As of late 2020, over 450 million people around the world were actively using Pinterest. Considering all the time we devote to this visual holy grail, we were convinced of our expert status, but as it turns out, there's quite a bit we didn't know. We turned to the experts at Pinterest HQ for insider intel and must-know hacks so we can pin like the pros. Happy pinning.

Go Shopping

If, like us, you're one of the nine out of ten Pinterest users who use the site to get inspired about things to buy, then you're in luck. Love Nate Berkus and want to decorate your house in his style? Now you can. Thanks to the site's latest feature, Shopping With Pinterest, you can buy the latest trends handpicked by Berkus and other influential tastemakers across home décor, weddings, and organization. When you add to cart, either buy it now or check out when you're ready, thanks to a shopping bag that stays with you from your phone to the computer or tablet.

Want more? Pinterest is currently testing new camera search technology so you can shop online for products you discover offline, too. Soon, all you'll have to do is snap a photo of any object in the real world and get related recommendations on Pinterest. Don't you just love technology? 

Use It as Your Search Engine

Who said Google was the only search engine? Pinterest isn't just about pretty visuals; it's also a great resource for interesting articles and information, from finance to packing tips, nutrition—even parenting advice. This is especially helpful with questions that have more than one answer. For example, simply typing in "pancakes" not only delivers thousands of recipes, but the guided search feature provides other options that might interest you and to help you narrow down your search—from healthy to easy. 

Looking to upgrade your kitchen, but don't know where to start? Look up the current interior style or items from the room you already own to discover new ways you can hit the refresh button.

Get More with Rich Pins

No, this doesn't mean you'll get more money. Rich pins simply contain extra information within the pin itself. So while you might not be financially rich, you'll be rich in features. 

First up: How-to Pins. Whenever you find an interesting project or idea on Pinterest, you’ll also see a snapshot of the steps right below the image. Just tap “Try it yourself” on How-to Pins and you’ll see step-by-step instructions to make a recipe, or try a project, fitness routine or a new hair or beauty look. From how to make easy, cheesy pull-apart pizza bread to DIY calligraphy envelopes, just click or tap on any of the steps to get the full instructions and a list of supplies without ever leaving Pinterest.

Second: Place Pins. We all love seeking out Pinterest for travel ideas, but did you know people pin millions of places every day? With that in mind, Pinterest designed the Place Pins feature to give you more than just visual inspo. Click the "About" section on any of the 7 billion Place Pins and discover more information about it, including a map, places people have saved nearby, directions, tips from people who’ve been there, and more. One of the coolest things about Place Pins is that when you save one on your Android device, you'll get notified when you're nearby. Pretty awesome, huh?

Search Inside Pins

While we love seeing Pinterest on the big screen, most of the time we're browsing it from our mobile phones or tablets. It's just where we spend most of our time. But while the viewing might be limited to a smaller surface size, you're actually better off. Pinterest recently rolled out a new feature with a fancy name: real-time object recognition. This just means you can now do a visual search on iPhone and iPad for individual items and products within a pin’s image. How? Simply tap the visual search icon in the top right corner of any pin (it looks like a little magnifying glass in a square) and similar images will immediately feature below it that you can save or shop.

Discover What Others Are Pinning

If you're curious to find out what everyone is pinning from a website you love, just add their URL to the end of Pinterest's. For example, type https://www.pinterest.com/source/www.goodhousekeeping.com/ into Google and you'll get insider access to what people are saving most from Good Housekeeping. Sneaky, sneaky.

Clean It Up

With all that pinning every day (sometimes multiple times a day), your boards can get a little messy and disorganized. And no one wants that, after all—visual aesthetics are everything on Pinterest. When it gets to that stage, it's time to clean them up. Unlike your house, which requires more than a little elbow grease and half of your weekend to freshen it up, this can be done in a few simple steps. Using the site's in-house editing tools, you can copy, move or delete multiple pins on the web all at once. Too easy. Just click "Move Pins" on any of your boards, select up to 50 pins, and in one genius move you can pick a new board for them to live. You can also copy pins so they live on two different boards, or delete them.

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