Confirmed: This Wellness Trend Will Be Massive in 2017, According to Pinterest


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

You might turn to Pinterest for beautiful images and home décor or recipe inspiration, but the content sharing platform is also a surprisingly powerful source to mine for trends. Boasting a database of over 75 billion ideas and 100 million monthly active users, Pinterest is perfectly poised to observe then predict the topics that will dominate conversation in 2017.

According to The Pinterest 100, a trend prediction list released by the social media giant today to capitalize on that intel, a few key trends have already started to emerge on the site. Thanks to user insights, it seems that stress relief yoga will be big in 2017 (add yin yoga to your vocabulary), and energy healing is on the rise (don't toss your sage smudging stick yet).

These are the top five trends that are poised to be big in 2017, according to Pinterest:

  1. Unconventional ab exercises: Tired of the plank? Next year will see unique abdominal workouts become more popular, such as the "deadlift, windmill, and chop." Lesser-known exercises took out the number one spot on the Pinterest trend list, with a spike in interest of over 2000%.
  2. Holistic healing methods: "Energy work is going mainstream," Pinterest declares, with a growing interest in healing methods like Reiki to treat anxiety and pain. This wellness trend secured the number one spot on the list
  3. DIY detox drinks: You don't have to spend a small fortune on store-bought drinks to cleanse your body. Next year will see more DIY all-natural concoctions to detox at home.
  4. Cold showers: Users are buzzing about the health and beauty benefits of an ice-cold shower, which is said to give you smoother skin and better circulation.
  5. Yin yoga: As stress levels skyrocket over the holiday period, more people are searching for yoga routines that restore calm.