Pinterest's Most Popular Home Décor Trends of 2016

Regardless of whether you follow them or not, trends have a huge influence on our daily choices from fashion to food, architecture, and interiors. But what triggers the next big thing and where does it start? One of the main places is Pinterest. Thanks to the millions of visual-obsessed pinners (us included) around the globe, the image sharing site has the power to pinfluence everything we do, how we live, and where we go; and it does. Have you noticed a trend in minimal, Scandinavian interiors lately? That's no coincidence. Pinterest gave us the inside scoop and you've all been pinning them like crazy lately. Keen to discover what else is hot (and what's not)? Ahead you'll find the biggest home trends on Pinterest in 2016, along with a few you should ditch. Hint: RIP chevron.