These 3 Bold Colors Saw a 565% Jump in Pinterest Searches This Year

Updated 04/25/18
pinterest home trends
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I love Pinterest because it gives me a false sense of organization. It allows me to satiate my type-A side in a way that feels both fun and productive, without actually having to do anything. Unsurprisingly, I'm one of the millions of users who turn to the discovery platform for home décor inspiration, in turn allowing countless trends to emerge and proliferate on the site. For insight into which trends people are actually searching for, Pinterest just released its home trend report for 2018 (so far).

"Today's generation looks at their homes as an ever-changing canvas for their lives, a place that reflects their experiences, interests and values," reads the press release. "With over 14 billion home ideas, Pinterest has the inspiration you need to turn your living space into something that feels truly personal—the ideal place for you to relax, connect, have fun and really be yourself."

We were particularly captivated by the site's color trend report. Bolder hues like red, dark blue, and hunter green have increased in searches by 217%, 139%, and 209%, respectively, as users look to add depth to their homes. These pops of color came in the form of accent walls, bathroom and kitchen tiling, cupboards, furniture, and more. This trend marks a refreshing departure from the minimalistic whitewashed interiors that have populated both Pinterest and Instagram for the past few years—we're more than ready to welcome color into our homes and beyond.

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