I Tried the Top Pinterest Recipes for 24 Hours, and This Is What Happened

When I dine out, nothing excites me more than an exquisitely presented five-star dish that makes me whip out my phone and take a snap (much to my boyfriend’s dismay). At home, it’s a different story—I’m lucky to have time to throw some greens into Tupperware that, trust me, does not look camera-ready. And, that’s where Pinterest comes in. My board is overflowing with layered popsicles, edible flower creations, and rainbow everything. If only I could eat like this in real life, I thought. Wouldn’t that be nice?

So, tired of pinning popsicle after popsicle but schlepping around my sad Tupperware salad every day, I decided it was time to bridge the gap between my Pinterest plate and lunch plate. The challenge: I would ditch the salad and prepare my favorite Pinterest recipes for all my meals for one full day. At first, it sounded like the best challenge ever (should I make a green smoothie bowl or matcha latte?), until I printed out the not-so-simple ingredient list. Here’s what really happens when you eat picture-perfect meals for an entire day.