This Is the Only Place You Have to Go This Summer

With 100-degree heat waves rolling through the country, it's clear: summer's here. Why does this time of year excite people more than any other? For us, it's the inexplicable sense of happiness we feel when we cast off our winter layers and expose our skin to the vitamin D–enriched sunlight. This sensory explosion is highly addictive, and we soak it up. But, there's also the free-spirited feeling that comes with the season and the childhood anticipation of summer vacations spent sunbathing on the world's most beautiful beaches.

Since you clicked through to this story, we're pretty sure your soul is ready for time off too. Have you noticed your concentration waning at work? Are your eyes veering to the window instead of your computer screen? We feel you. With wanderlust in full swing, it's time to be free, hit the road, and make some memories. With that in mind, we tapped Pinterest for some vacation ideas and we think you'll approve. Ahead, discover the most popular summer destinations for 2016. It's time to book your tickets before it's too late.