Eating Pizza Will Make You More Productive

It’s no secret that eating pizza will motivate you to go the gym, but who knew that the addictive combo of cheese, dough, and tomato sauce could motivate you at work, too? That’s just one of the many fascinating discoveries in Dan Ariely’s new book, Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations.

In it, Ariely conducts an experiment involving factory workers at Intel in Israel. By promising three separate groups either a voucher for pizza, a cash bonus, or a compliment from their superior, Ariely discovered that of the three rewards, pizza quickly became the greatest source of motivation.

In fact, the workers who were promised pizza at the end of the workweek out-produced the experiment’s control group by 6.7%, compared to just a 4.9% increase in production by the group that was promised a cash bonus. Compliments from the boss ended up being the second-most effective source of motivation, with that group out-producing the control group at a 6.6% clip.

By the end of the experiments, the compliment group ended up being the strongest performers for the week. That doesn’t take away from the fact that pizza proved to be a more effective motivation tool than money, demonstrating once again proving that it should officially replace the dollar as our country’s currency.

Would you prefer compliments or pizza?