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6 Surprising Places to Source Affordable, High-Quality Art

A living room with a large piece of almond-colored artwork mounted on the wall

Katie Hodges Design

There are several décor pieces that really define a home, but none more so than amazing art. Nothing else brings life to an empty wall or the space above your mantel quite like artwork, however aesthetically pleasing or meaningful it is. But as many of us know, great art can be costly—not all of us are ready to shell out thousands to add a piece to our spaces.

Luckily, we know of several surprising spots to score some affordable artwork, some that you may have never scoured before, but oftentimes bring great pieces to the forefront. Below, we rounded up the best places to find hidden art gems—all that come in well under your budget, we promise.

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Neutral art print.


Etsy has beautiful art pieces on offer from small business and local makers. Plus, you'll find pieces that are tailored to your looks and interests, could be customizable, and won't break the bank.

A great tip for shopping on Etsy? Purchase a downloadable print, which often comes in under $10, and get it printed out at your local office supply or printing store. From there, you can also choose an affordable frame, completing your piece at a fraction of the cost to buy it already framed.

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The Thrift Store

vintage bedroom ideas

katie leclerq design studio

We have waxed poetic on MyDomaine about our love of thrifting décor. And most often, the thrift store is a treasure trove for not only amazing artwork, but frames and prints that can often be repurposed into exactly what you're looking for. You can purchase a print simply for the gorgeous, affordable frame and replace it. Or, you can score a vintage-looking piece that you just wouldn't find in a big-box store today. Whichever route you take, shopping antique or vintage stories for art is a great option.

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Santa Monica Beach View Art Print


There is rarely a time when Society6 isn't running a promotion on their site—and it is a great option for shopping unique artwork made by their community of independent artists. When shopping for prints, you can filter by the style you're going for, and so many options await, you won't know which ones to pick.

If you're curating a gallery wall, Society6 is a great option to find coordinating prints—it's one-stop shopping.

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Facebook Marketplace

A Bauhaus-style bedroom with midcentury modern furniture, abstract art, and bold blue bedding

Erin Williamson Design

Sustainable and oftentimes affordable, Facebook Marketplace is a great method of shopping your local community and scoring great deals on décor that you could see marked up three times as much in store. There are many great ways to score secondhand art on Facebook Marketplace: just save your search terms and keep your eye on items that are posted. If they're available nearby, you can coordinate times to check out the piece and take it home with you.

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Art piece above white couch.


Minted has several chic offerings—from stationary to greeting cards—but their custom art pieces are definitely worth checking out. They list pieces from their network of artisans, so you can see who made the piece you're about to add to your home.

Filter your search by orientation, price, theme, and even décor style. From there, you can add a frame, specify your desired finish, and select the correct size. It's simple to figure out what size in the print you'll need, thanks to a feature to see the piece in your space via VR. Also, you likely won't experience sticker shock after customizing the piece you want—many pieces are surprisingly affordable.

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The Poster Club

Realism No. 44

The Poster Club

The Poster Club boasts one of the most aesthetically pleasing websites we've ever seen—and with gorgeous pieces, to boot. Artists are at the forefront of the site, with several highlighted right when you open the page. The Poster Club offers a free framing service, so if you purchase a frame with your print, they'll take care of framing it and make sure it's ready to hang up as soon as it gets to you.

With such curated and affordable pieces on offer, you would be remiss to pass this one up.