The Cost of Plane Tickets Will Hit a 7-Year Low This Summer

That flight you’ve been saving up for might be cheaper than you ever imagined. With the proliferation of discount airlines showing no signs of slowing down, flight prices are set to hit an all-time low.

According to airfare prediction app Hopper, plane tickets are set to hit a seven-year low this summer. Travelers looking to fly in June will pay an average of $240 per round-trip flight, a whopping 20% lower than the average cost just two years ago.

But the good news doesn’t end there. According to Hopper, a domestic round-trip ticket will cost as low as $207 on average, come September.

So if you’re planning a trip this summer, it might be worth thinking about taking off in the fall. Some U.S. cities that really sparkle that time of year? May we suggest New York, New York, and did we mention New York?

And while we’ve already mentioned the rise of the discount airline as one reason behind the plummeting prices, experts also suggest that the lower cost of jet fuel is also a factor. According to Hopper, prices will continue to drop well into to 2016.

The app also suggests booking your ticket 54 days before your planned travel date for maximum cost-effectiveness. With that said, it might be time to bust open that piggy bank and splurge on a flight, because believe it or not, that may be all the coin you need.

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