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No Plant-Filled Home Is Complete Without This One Accessory

rattan chair surrounded by plants

Mocha Girl Place

The first plant I bought for myself was an Echeveria. Small and pink, with hearty petals spiraling out from its center, it looked like the succulent equivalent of a rose. As the plant began to grow taller, shooting up toward the ceiling, I prided myself on how thoroughly it was thriving. It wasn’t until its spine began to curl toward my window that I realized it wasn’t thriving at all; its spindly silhouette was evidence of inadequate sunlight. And since I’d already placed it in the sunniest spot in my home, I resigned myself to my fate: I’d failed. My black thumb had revealed itself, and I would never be the expert plant mom I’d long dreamt of becoming. 

I accepted my lot in life until I stumbled upon what I thought was an antique perfume bottle in the lobby of my apartment building. It turned out, instead, to be a plant mister.

Plant misters are lovely little trinkets that look a lot like perfume bottles. But instead of spraying fragrances on you, they mist water onto your plants. Consider them an upscale—and perhaps, more efficient—take on the watering can. They’re pretty, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use. And instead of splashing a river of water onto your plants, they mist them with an even (and surprisingly powerful) breeze of liquid. 

black and brass plant mister
Modern Sprout Glass & Brass Mister - Black $32.00

What’s more, they’re incredibly fun to look at—and equally fun to use. Watering cans are cute in their own way, but they tend to be bulky, heavy, and prone to spills. Plant misters are decidedly low-maintenance, easy to master, and inherently badass. The moment you own a plant mister, you’re the kind of person who owns a plant mister. You’re so dedicated to your greenery that you’ve amassed actual plant accessories—and cute ones, too. 

Not to mention, my plant mister made plant care feel a little more ceremonial—a little less like a chore. I actually looked forward to buying plants and figuring out how many sprays of water each one needed each day. My plant mister time felt more like a cherished ritual than an obligation. It re-energized my plant care process; the prospect of becoming a plant mom seemed fun again—and perhaps more importantly, like something I was actually capable of doing. 

Rooms filled with lush greenery are among the prettiest sights around. But the process of creating that plant-filled oasis is anything but glamorous—in fact, it’s often taxing. It’s hard enough to understand one plant’s needs, let alone to juggle the unique needs of each plant you’ve collected over the years. Some demand water daily, while others prefer to go dry all winter long. Some need direct sunlight, others require partial shade, and some particularly demanding plants want some amount of sun and shade delivered from a specific direction. (I’m sorry, but how am I supposed to know which windows in my house are north-facing?)

It’s a lot to juggle. And the plant mister doesn’t alleviate all of these woes. But it does render plant care a little more manageable—and a lot more fun. And it’ll make you feel one step closer to your lifelong goal of becoming a plant mom, even if all you’ve done is buy the damn thing.