These 3 "Bedroom Plants" Could Be the Key to a Better Night's Sleep

Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine

Earlier this year "shower plants" dominated Instagram, but according to Elle Decor, "bedroom plants" might be the next big thing. While it's no secret that houseplants have a host of health and wellness benefits, a study by NASA shows that adding greenery to your bedroom could impact your quality of sleep.

According to researchers, select plants can help naturally purify the air in our homes, which Elle Decor points out is important for preventing colds and allergies, especially as we enter the cooler months. So they tapped The Joy of Plants, a site dedicated to all things green, to find out which houseplants are best suited to your bedroom. Style these plants on your nightstand and dresser for a deep and restful sleep:

1. Areca Palm: Apparently this palm is great if you suffer from regular colds or sinus trouble because it releases moisture into the air, which will make it easier to breathe as you doze off.

2. Aloe Vera: NASA named this one of the best plants for air purification because it releases oxygen throughout the night, making it an ideal bedroom addition.

3. Engish Ivy: Researchers at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology found this type of ivy removes 78% of airborne mold in just 12 hours.

Do you have plants in your bedroom? Tell us if you've noticed a change in your quality of sleep. 

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