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The Lighting Trend I Still Love a Year After Its Big Resurgence

Bar cart with black and white mushroom lamp.

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photo

I’ll admit: when I witnessed pleated lampshades making a major resurgence in late 2019, I was a bit confused. Weren’t these pricey pieces reminiscent of the exact shades that graced my parents’ basement in the 1990s? What was the fuss all about?

Quickly, though, after realizing just how lovely pleated pieces could look styled and how many gorgeous—and contemporary—options there were to choose from, I fell for the hype. And I’m not alone: the black and white pleated lamp I purchased from CB2 last fall is constantly one of my most asked about accessories, and truthfully, I wish I could feature it in every little nook of my apartment—it’s just so versatile. 

And I don’t foresee this trend going away anytime soon. Thanks to the popularity of Etsy and shops such as Denmark-based LeKrazyHorse, the it-girl source for pleated shades in every color imaginable, it has never been easier to hop on the bandwagon. Etsy is chock full of affordable shade options in every size, shape, and color—no need to break the bank here. 

Pleated lampshade on gold base.
LeKrazyHorse Black Chintz Pleated Lampshade $5,272.00

Pleated lampshades are a must because they instantly inject personality and intrigue into a space without being perceived as too risky. They’re loved by grandmillennials and boho babes alike and transcend style barriers. Plus, they’re simply pretty darn adorable and charming. Who can resist that? 

Not sure how to work such a piece into your space? Truthfully, it’s all about that base, if you will. A wicker base will add fun vintage flair and look extra charming paired with a patterned shade, while a glass base will invoke a modern touch and looks super sleek with a black shade attached. 

A few more pleated pieces on my current wishlist are this table lamp from Design Within Reach, which would take my work from home space from good to great, a contemporary cutie from CB2, and this rattan gem, which is perfect for the kitchen counter. They couldn’t be more darling.

Allure Table Lamp
CB2 Allure Table Lamp $120.00
Japan Woven Wicker Table Lamp
MannyGaribayGM on Etsy Japan Woven Table Lamp $57.00