These 5 Podcasts Will Make You Smarter (Queue Them Up ASAP)

Updated 08/30/19
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Podcasts are a great source of entertainment, but you can also select programs that are guaranteed to expand your mind and teach you something, whether you're working, at the gym, running errands, or listening at home. That's according to Business Insider, who recently compiled their all-time favorite mind-expanding podcasts just in time for the lackadaisical holiday season. Read up on their top five picks below and queue these up during your downtime this December:

1. This American Life. For a "deep look into American society," join Ira Glass during his weekly hour-long production of "moving, sometimes hilarious stories" from people across the country. 

2. Fresh Air. Get to know the best writers, celebrities, and actors of our time with NPR's Fresh Air podcast, hosted by award-winning journalist Terry Gross. 

3. Revisionist History. Get a firsthand look into the mind of bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell as he shares his thoughts on art, history, modern day politics, and more.

4. WTF. Hosted by stand-up comedian and broadcaster Marc Maron, WTF artfully shares the life stories of various artists, actors, politicians, and more.

5. Reply All. If you're interested in the impact of the Internet on popular culture then this one is for you. Hosts Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt cover everything from ISIS's use of social media to "how an Orthodox Jew ultimately left his family behind because of the world he discovered online."

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