The Man Who Created the Word "Pokémon" Lists His NYC Home for $19 Million

The man credited with bringing the Pokémon craze to America certainly seems to be reaping the benefits. Al Kahn, a licensing executive, and his wife Jillian Crane, an actress and writer, recently listed their three-story Manhattan penthouse apartment for a cool $18.95 million. Kahn reportedly has a habit of popularizing Japanese games in America, even deciding on the name "Pokémon" after deeming "pocket monsters" to be too Americanized, according to the Wall Street Journal. Located in the Park South Lofts in Midtown, Manhattan, the couple's 4300-square-foot loft is an Art Deco dream, complete with grandiose wallpaper and gold lighting accents. The massive penthouse boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, three half bathrooms, an outdoor terrace, a built-in sound system, an immaculate all-white bathroom, and a rooftop pool overlooking the Empire State Building.

Tour the Pokémon creator's sprawling Manhattan apartment below, and shop our Art Deco picks to achieve a similar look in your home.