How You Talk to Your Family About the Election Is Crucial—Here's Why

For those who looked forward to celebrating the election of the first female president, Donald Trump’s win has been a shock. The outcome of the election has also left parents wondering how, exactly, to explain the outcome to their children—specifically, daughters. While some moms have taken to social media to share their daughters’ questions about what it means for them, others are concerned Hillary Clinton’s defeat will discourage the next generation from pursuing leadership roles. 

If you’re wondering how to ensure your daughter or son grows stronger and bolder after this election—rather than internalizing any messages of negativity and bigotry—it’s reassuring to hear there are practical things you can do to empower and embolden your family. Because even though we missed out on electing a female president this time, we can still equip our children, boys and girls alike, to be the next generation of leaders.

Follow these expert-approved tips, and maybe it’ll be your own daughter running for president in 2050.