The One Product You'll Find in Any Skincare Lover's Medicine Cabinet

Updated 09/26/17

Skincare-savvy women stash must-have products like lip balm and hand cream practically everywhere: in their office desks, in their purses, on their bedside tables, on their bathroom shelves—even in their cars. They believe in that whole “always be prepared” adage (and sometimes take it to a whole new level). Another item on their essentials list? Polysporin Complete Antibiotic Ointment, which treats those pesky scrapes, burns or cuts that can come your way during your summer adventures (and your everyday life).

Not familiar with the product yet? Here are just a few of the reasons our editors always keep a fresh tube of Polysporin on hand wherever they go.

1. You bought a great new pair of sandals, and they completely destroyed your feet. Bandages are a great way to camouflage blisters, but you also need to treat them to prevent infection. Stash Polysporin Complete in your purse for quick touch-ups to heal blisters quickly and relieve pain courtesy of the formula’s lidocaine hydrochloride.

2. Your finger became collateral damage while slicing into an avocado at lunchtime. Keep a tube of Polysporin in a kitchen drawer to quickly treat any kitchen mishaps, from cuts to oven burns. Bonus: This doctor-recommended antibiotic ointment forms a protective coating on the wound that helps protect it,allowing it to heal faster.

3. While at the cottage, you managed to burn your hand while grabbing your fresh-from-the-bonfire s’mores. Treat the burn with Polysporin antibiotic, which also helps minimize future scarring, and stash a few tubes around the cottage for scrapes and cuts that you’re likely to get while outside becoming one with nature.

4. You used a brand-new razor to shave your legs, and your skin got badly nicked in the process. Keep Polysporin Antibiotic Ointment in your bathroom cabinet, and apply as needed to speed healing and treat any minor shaving wounds down the road.

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