The Best Recipes to Try During Pomegranate Season

While it may not be as beloved and well known as the berries of summer, winter’s star fruit is the pomegranate. This large, globular red tree-grown fruit is in season late October through February. The skin is inedible, but the jewel-like seeds burst with juice when you pop them in your mouth. Since the seeds are clustered within a pomegranate’s membranes, they are somewhat difficult to remove cleanly. The bright red juice will get everywhere, so be sure to wear an apron when you’re removing the seeds. Once you know how to remove the seeds, you’ll be ready to cook with the ruby-colored fruit. Wondering what to make with it? Here are 13 recipes, from desserts to salads to cocktails, to inspire your exploration of pomegranates.

What is your favorite way to use pomegranates?