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12 Impressive Pool Deck Ideas to Inspire Your Backyard Retreat

Pool with blue sky view

Thomas Guy Interiors

If your mind has been drifting away to a warm poolside during the lulls of your day, creating or amping up your own pool deck may be in order. A dreamy outdoor oasis is rather simple to design, but a little inspiration never hurts when it comes to sketching the layout and picking out the perfect cushions, pool noodles, and side tables.

Whether your pool is shrouded in an evergreen forest or it looks like it was chipped off of a Cretan villa, there's a mini instructional ready to go for you. Below, browse through 12 different ideas to kickstart your own creations and help you hit refresh on your own staycation locale.

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Lay Out Some Lawn

Pool with umbrellas

Leclair Decor

Many pool deck areas feature tile or wood outdoor flooring, but if you love the look of grass and want a greener space, it's completely doable—even by a water feature. Large stepping stones break up the space and instantly elevate it, but still keep the deck feeling grounded. Staycation, anyone?

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Model After Mid-Century Modern

Pool with flamingo floatie

Maite Granda

Perhaps the pretty pools of Palm Springs are calling your name. If so, model your outdoor aquatic space after the locations that do mid-century modern best. Choose angular lines, cool materials like stone and iron, and don't forget the pool floatie.

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Blend Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Indoor and outdoor pool area

Devon Grace Interiors

You can still enjoy the feeling of being outside with spaces that are equally equipped for interior and exterior use, like this room, in place of a traditional deck. The expanse of windows, light color palette, and wooden accents give this space a perfect bright and airy feel.

A room of this caliber is equally as ideal for hot summer days as it is for rainy ones stuck inside.

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Play Off the Great Outdoors

Pool and forest backdrop

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

Wooden slats and a matching dining set is a stunning decision for a deck, especially if your pool is cushioned by a forest backdrop. Depending where your lounging space is located, try to pull colors and textures that match its surroundings to make it feel natural and serene.

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Frame a Hot Tub

High rise pool hot tub deck area

Reena Sotropa

No pool? No problem. You can completely take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere of a pool deck with a hot tub, too. Play with fun tiles, vibrant rugs, and different shades of wood for a contemporary look that'll help you feel like you can still escape—even in the middle of a city.

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Embrace the Light

Pool with log tables

Tara Kantor Interiors

While any color palette can make for a gorgeous outdoor area, light and airy hues are the way to go to achieve the same feeling of your dream vacay spot. Natural textures like faded wood and cream-colored cushions are guaranteed to look timeless and chic.

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Carve Out a Second Living Room

Pool deck area

Sire Design

If your pool is screened off like this outdoor area, you can use precious patio space to construct a secondary living space with weather-proof furnishings. It's perfect for munching on meals after a day full of swimming or catching up long into a summer evening.

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Go for a Seamless Layout

Pool with blue sky view

Thomas Guy Interiors

Smooth and sleek, the tiling of this pool feels plucked from a resort. The lack of edges and outlines makes the transition from the deck to the pool feel effortless, so you can glide between paddling around and laying out all day.

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Keep It Simple

Pool with gray stone around it

Michelle Berwick Design

Sometimes the best kind of deck or patio is minimal and clean. Think of some the best getaway spots where you dream of taking a lap around the pool—Greece, Australia, Japan—that utilize minimalist principals.

Regardless if you're in a small suburb or just out of city limits, you can implement chic and clean deck designs.

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Create a Mini Getaway

Bench by pool

Mindy Gayer Design Co.

Even the smallest outdoor spaces can set the scene for a vacation-worthy dip. White walls are the perfect contrast to the bright aquamarine pool, and the little bench is the perfect touch. Who needs the sea for lounging around with a beach read when you have this retreat?

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Section Off Your Pool Area

Pool with covered deck area

Maite Granda

Even if your pool is the center of attention, if you really want to make the deck area feel grand, form borders between each section. Separate where you swim and bask in the sun from the area where you might enjoy a novel and midday mocktail to give off the impression of multiple outdoor rooms.

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Bring Out the Beachy Vibes

Sun chairs on pool deck

Katherine Carter

Even the kitschiest parts of nautical style can look ultra chic when used in moderation. A perfect example of this can be found in this stunning backyard area, which dots a few ring buoys across sun loungers to implement a hint of coastal charm in a very fitting space.