17 Stylish Poolside Décor Ideas to Create Your Personal Outdoor Oasis

Poolside relaxing chairs.

Chelius House of Design

Perhaps the best part about having a pool is that you’re always planning your dream staycation. Drinks at the cabana? S'mores by the fire pit? Shopping trips to source cushions, fairy lights, pool toys, and everything else to build your summer fantasy?  

Whether your pool layout evokes a Slim Aarons photo or could pass for a tropical lagoon, there’s inspiration and instructions to help you dive in to a design refresh. Below, browse through these poolside décor ideas to help you create your personal outdoor oasis. 

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Keep It Serene

poolside decor modern organic

Pure Salt Interiors

A soft and airy color palette lets statement moments shine. From the painted tile backsplash to the modern organic touches—including the rattan hanging chair, black stone flooring, and whitewashed rock sculptures—this outdoor space displays a quiet grandeur.

rattan hanging chair
Serena & Lily Hanging Rattan Chair $498.00
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DIY Accent Pots and Planters

poolside decor ideas painted pots

Blanco Bungalow

It's wonderful raising a greenhouse of plants, but the only thing more tiresome than repotting plants is paying for those ultra-trendy pots—especially when they don’t even come with proper drainage holes. 

For form and function, why not get outside and do-it-yourself? With your trusty terracotta pots, a few stencils or freehand, if you have flair, and a bit of patio paint, the pool deck can become your canvas.

Have a wobbly hand but don't want to use stencils? Frame your design with painter's tape to get clean borders with ease.

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Keep the Lights Warm

indoor poolside decor ideas

LeeAnn Baker Interiors

Indoor pools can look chilly even during the dog days of summer. For a warmer design, start with the lights. Soft yellow at varying heights will evoke a spa, not a gymnasium, and will cast a romantic glow for late-night swims.

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Embrace Nature

poolside decor ideas deck


When surrounded by mighty evergreens and rolling hills of greenery, feel free to let nature's beauty take center stage. Wooden slats and a matching dining set will look clean and calm while not competing with the main event.

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Start With a Good Foundation

poolside decor ideas rugs

Black and Blooms

A Persian rug? By the pool? It’s not as impractical as one might think. Full refurbishing will eat into your barbecue budget, and if you don’t want to spring for tile or wood outdoor flooring, you can transform a pool deck with some smart rug layering.

Start with natural fibers, like this basket weave jute rug, underneath an outdoor rug. The rugs will add texture, contrast, and stability—because nothing ruins cocktail hour like a wonky table. 

basket weave rug
World Market Natural Basket Weave Jute Rug $370.00
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Think Pink—and a Lot of It

pink poolside decor ideas

Dazey Den

When you think of poolside décor ideas, water tones and airy shades might splash to mind first. But if you’re more of a “be seen” than serene decorator, lean into that energeticness.

A bubblegum-pink, monochromatic scene turns your poolside décor into an instant Instagram moment, and the cheery pink pairs perfectly with outdoor plants—real or fake, if your thumbs are more black than they are green.

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Make it Monochrome

yellow poolside decor ideas

White Sands Design/Build

If you want to refresh your poolside décor without dipping too deep into your savings, go monochromatic. A suite of décor accents—side tables, pillows, planters—all in the same bold color adds visual interest and energy to a space. Keep it minimal with clean lines and bright whites to help the eye travel naturally.

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Stage a Place to Toss Towels

basket poolside decor ideas

Pure Salt Interiors

Wet towels can damage furniture, and mess isn’t part of your design plan. Place a woven basket by the doors, the chairs, or anywhere else toys and pool accessories seem to pile up. The baskets will add texture while saving you cleaning time. 

anthropologie basket
Anthropologie Mariella Basket $68.00
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Keep it Open

poolside decor ideas curtains

Dazey Den

Looking to create a bit of cool shade? Take the opportunity to think outside of the umbrella. A gazebo with an adjustable roof awning and curtains looks sophisticated and feels like it was plucked from your favorite resort.

Keep it simple and airy with natural fabrics in light colors. When it comes to outdoor spaces, more isn’t always more, and minimalism will be more inviting to your guests.

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Stay Streamlined

simple poolside decor ideas

Michelle Berwick Design

With a big pool in a big space, it can be best to just focus on the main event. Keep it streamlined and simple with sleek furniture and little to no accents. The cleanliness of the design will bring a sense of calm. 

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Go Nautical

nautical poolside decor ideas

Katherine Carter Design

If your idea of a dream pool would fit right in at home in Palm Springs, Old Miami, or Gatsby's Hamptons, go vintage and go nautical to a sense of playfulness. Red and white life preservers, sun-bleached oars, and blue tack and fishing nets are all easy to source, add splashes of color, and make for timeless pool décor.

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Add Natural Stone

Poolside relaxing chairs.

Chelius House of Design

Pull inspiration from the luxe grottos and cave pools of classic Italian films. Ledge stone makes for a rustic but refined look that can withstand the elements, plus it brings in texture and helps merge contemporary design with natural touches, especially if your oasis is backdropped by woods.

Not sure you want to commit to a color scheme? Try out a textured throw and accent pillow in the shades first to see how it grows on you.

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Quadruple Up

multiple poolside decor ideas

Will Brown Interiors

You can never have too much of a good thing—at least, when it comes to matching poolside décor. To get the most out of your outdoor space without it looking cluttered or crowded, repeat the formula with a row of matching chaise lounges, side tables, and accent towels. 

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Add a Fire Pit

fire pit poolside decor ideas

Bespoke Only

Low-slung chairs and a minimalistic fire pit make for a cozy and streamline space to make memories all year long. The metal fire pit also adds a sculptural element, and the logs of the fire play off of the natural frames of the chair.

fire pit
CB2 Urli Firepit $349.00
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Keep the Grill and the Kids Safe

grill poolside decor ideas

Reena Sotropa

You can say "no running by the pool" until your face turns as blue as the water, but kids are still going to take off sprinting at some point. Keep the heat—and the adults—out of their path by tucking the grill alongside the edge. The chef will appreciate it.

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See Double

navy poolside decor ideas

Leclair Decor

Here is proof you can do a sophisticated pool deck without giving up greenery. The large stepping stones add a geometric layer to make the pool look even larger, and the moody navy tiles on the hot tub and pool walls compliment the home's dark palette.

Bullock Outdoor Wooden Loveseat with Cushions
All Modern Bullock Outdoor Wooden Loveseat with Cushions $380.00
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Put a Border Up

fence poolside decor ideas

Maite Granda

Putting up a border to protect your little ones—furry or crawling—doesn't have to be an eyesore. Play off the angular lines of your space and choose cool materials, like barely-there glass.