What to Give Everyone in Your Life, According to Their Favorite TV Show


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

The hunt for the perfect gift may be a hazardous one—scrolling through every store's gift section in the hopes to find something that's even remotely special, thoughtful, or clever—but if there's one common denominator that's a great starting point to finding a great present, it's TV. Everyone has a cult show they love to watch—whether it's reruns of Friends or the latest Stranger Things episode. If they occasionally cancel plans to stay home and watch an important finale or quote the show in the middle of an argument, chances are you're on the right track to find a gift they'll truly love.

Are they a die-hard Sex and the city fan? Does their calendar revolve around the Game of Thrones schedule? Were they anticipating Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life more than their own birthday? We found the perfect gifts for them. Skip the generic presents this year—instead, give these 11 clever gifts inspired by our favorite TV shows (and their unique characters).