11 Stylish Australian Baby Names You'll Want to Steal

Updated 09/04/17

It’s practically a national pastime to proudly flaunt anything (or anyone) that originates from Down Under. But when it comes to predicting the next set of monikers that will be trending on the next-gen of babes, there’s all too often the urge to turn away from our own shores for say the Scandi-, Japanese-, or Italian-inspired titles that will make their mark. So, to celebrate the true Australiana spirit, we’ve found the 11 Australian-inspired names that we’re thinking will be huge this summer. (We can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner!)

It’s no easy feat choosing a name for your little one. Our tip? According to research, the more common the name is the more often parents suffer from name regret. So whether you find inspiration in the rockstars of the retro-era, or are after more classic options, these unique and equally, quintessentially Australian names are definitely worth being added to your shortlist.

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Heritage: Australia’s national floral emblem.


Heritage: For one of the country’s most successful singing exports. 


Heritage: From the unofficial national anthem, Waltzing Matilda, it also translates into meaning “battle”.


Heritage: The official floral emblem for the ACT.


Heritage: Made famous by Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi Irwin. 


Heritage: Inspired by country music singer, Slim Dusty. 



Heritage: Short name of Australian bush poet Andrew Barton, A.K.A Banjo Paterson.


Heritage: From one of Banjo Paterson’s most famous poems Clancy of the Overflow.


Heritage: Inspired by outlaw and bushranger Ned Kelly. 


Heritage: For one of Australia’s successful cricketers. 


Heritage: A famous type of gum tree. 

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