Moms in Your State Are Obsessed With This Baby Name


Julie Adams for The Grace Tales

Choosing the perfect baby name is a deeply personal decision and one that's influenced by a number of cultural and social factors. In 2013, hundreds of babies were named Khaleesi after the Game of Thrones phenomenon, while Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's controversial decision to name their child Apple in 2004 introduced parents to a ton of unconventional naming possibilities.

Unfortunately, those seemingly "unique" baby names are becoming harder to find. As PureWow suggests, opting for an overly trendy name could mean your child will share their moniker with countless others in their class. To help you avoid overused names, the site scanned Social Security data to reveal the most popular choices in every state. Take a look at the leading girl names, and adjust your short list accordingly:

  • Alabama: Ava
  • Arizona: Sophia
  • California: Sophia
  • Connecticut: Sophia
  • Florida: Isabella
  • Illinois: Olivia
  • Louisiana: Ava
  • Massachusetts: Olivia
  • Nebraska: Emma
  • New York: Olivia
  • North Carolina: Ava
  • Pennsylvania: Olivia
  • Texas: Emma

See the full list of the most popular boy and girl baby names by state at PureWow.