20 Podcasts Endorsed by the Women in Our Secret FB Group

Most Popular Podcasts for Women
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There is no better way to pass time while you’re stuck in traffic, commuting into work, or completing weekend chores than listening to a quality podcast. Not only do they serve as easy entertainment, but more importantly they also have the potential to expand the way we think, while also pointing to the current zeitgeist taking place around the world. But, because we listen to so many of them, finding new ones to add to the playlist is always at the top of our agenda.

So, when we asked our secret Facebook group—filled with a host of professional, diverse, and intelligent women—for their recommendations, we were overwhelmed with the response, mostly because we hadn't heard of so many of them before. See below for the 20 endorsed podcasts and start downloading them, stat. 

The Generation Why Podcast: Here, two friends discuss theories and opinions on unsolved crimes and controversies throughout the ages.

Criminal: Explained as "The purist's true crime series" you'll definitely get your crime fix with this highly-acclaimed series. 

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: If our office is anything to go by, your Oprah obsession will only grow as she sits in conversations with some great minds, and inspiring pioneers. Grab tissues. You'll need them.

My Dad Wrote a Porno: Amassing 80 million downloads worldwide, this series takes listeners through a new chapter each episode of the porno host, Jamie Morton's dad wrote. Awkward? Yes. Hilarious? Of course. 

You Must Remember This: Set as a storytelling podcast about the secret and often forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century, You Must Remember This is the brainchild of Karina Longworth, who writes, narrates, records and edits each episode in her home. 

My Favorite Murder: Here, crime enthusiasts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark take us through true crime, with a comedic edge. 

Phoebe’s Fall: This podcast comes after a major investigation by The Age newsroom, looking into the unfortunate passing of Phoebe Handsjuk. 

This American Life: One of the original pioneers of interesting story telling through podcast, This American Life shares diverse stories, from across the globe, with one of the most popular voices in radio, Ira Glass. 

My Mum Says My Memoir Is a Lie: After publishing her memoir in 2015, Rosie Waterland's mother, Lisa, claims that most of it is a lie. Each episode Rosie and Lisa talk through a new chapter, and discuss what really happened.

How I Built This: Host Guy Raz dives straight into the stories behind some of the most powerful companies around the world. You will be inspired by the stories of some great entrepreneurs, idealists and innovators. 

How Do You Sleep At Night?: From tobacco lobbyists, to stock market manipulators, here you will hear the stories of people who live their lives in the face of judgement. Because most people think they are good people, right?

The Stack: This podcast is the Monocle's take on the world of print. It focuses on everything from glossy fashion bibles to the grit of newspapers. 

Girlboss: Arguably the inventor of the viral #girlboss hashtag, in each episode, entrepreneur, Sophia Amoruso, interviews boundary-pushing women who have made their mark and their journeys to the top. 

Science Vs: Here, science journalist Wendy Zukerman looks into the latest fads and wades through the information, so you don't have to. Is sugar really bad for you? Do men and women actually have different brains? Good question! Zukerman will answer them. 

Invisibilia: Interestingly, it's often the invisible forces that control human behaviour. Invisibilia looks into these forces, and investigates how it effects us on a daily basis. 

Stuff You Should Know: Ever wondered how you tame a lion? Or, what the mind of a hoarder is like? This podcast takes those random questions that spring to mind and delve into them deeper, to inform, destigmatise and challenge our perspective. 

Ctrl Alt Delete: Inspired by her book, Emma Gannon interviews the people that she most admires based of central themes in her tome. Whether it's about social media, identity, mental health or feminism, Gannon covers it. 

Reply All: Defined as a "podcast about the internet" this podcast uses the digital phenomenon as a starting point to go a little deeper and explore modern life and how to survive it. 

Planet Money: The economy may seem like an overwhelming topic of conversation, but Planet Money makes it a little less intimidating with real stories and fascinating ideas. 

lady-land: focused on helping millennial women find strategies for their careers, lady-land is a brand new podcast with a pretty impressive line-up. Including Cleo Wade and our very own group publisher, Alison Rice. 


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