5 Important Things We Can All Learn From Introverts

While extroverts thrive in the company of others, introverts often prefer to be left to their own devices, feeling revived by a little peace and quiet. Introvert or not, a little "me" time here and there is extremely important for our own psychological and physical health. It puts us back in touch with our own state of being and affords us a crucial opportunity to check in with how everything is going. The next time you're feeling drained, do what introverts do and schedule in some time to reflect and relax all by yourself.

One of the wonderful qualities of the average introvert is their A+ listening skills. While extroverts can sometimes fall in a habit of steamrolling their quieter companions, introverts excel at listening, reflecting, compromising, and working together.

Another byproduct of living an introvert's existence is an attention to detail and appreciation for even the small things. By quieting ourselves and our minds just a touch, we allow our attention and appreciation for those things and people around us to expand tenfold.

Because introverts check in with themselves regularly and give space for their thoughts and feelings to develop, they are often rich with perspective. Feeling confident and not seeking outward approval is #Goals, for sure.

Introverts are oftentimes planners. And though being devoted to a plan can cut introverts off from spontaneous discoveries, it also means that decisions are considered and thoughtful. We think it's always a good idea to think before you speak, to look before you leap, and then go on and take that risk.

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Are you an introvert? Do you relate to any of these strengths?