I Asked a Crystal Healer to Restyle My Home—Here's Exactly What She Changed

The alarm sounds at 8 a.m. sharp, an abrupt siren that pulls me from a heavy sleep and back to the reality of my New York apartment. Tangled in linen sheets, I take in my surrounds and can't help but shake a sense of disconnect: Something just doesn't feel right. I've lived this scenario every morning for the last year, and until now, I couldn't understand why.

My morning deja vu might seem obscure, but it's exactly the scenario Rashia Bell seeks to resolve. A trained interior designer and crystal healer, Bell practices what she calls "energetic design." Mainstream interior designers focus on aesthetic when they decorate; Bell's practice, The Cristalline, goes one step further and asks, how does the space make you feel? 

"People come to me and say, 'Somethings not working. It feels off but I don't know why,'" she tells me when I invite her over to my East Village home. "Then, when we do a crystal healing, we often find out that something in their life isn't working." After the initial hour-long consultation, Bell offers décor and crystal recommendations, which often act as a catalyst for change. "Afterwards, people who feel stuck often make a major change like quitting their job or mending a relationship," she says. In her line of work, decorating isn't confined to four walls—it's an energy-led process that has a very real effect on those who live in the home. 

I hear you—before chatting with Bell, I probably would have rolled my eyes at this part. I'd never done a crystal healing, I avoid getting my fortune read, and I take Feng Shui tips with a grain of salt. Yet after having chatted with Bell, I feel more at ease in my bedroom and view design as a holistic process, not simply an aesthetic one.