Emily & Meritt Just Created the Coolest Décor Line With Pottery Barn


Courtesy of Pottery Barn

We're always curious to peek inside the homes of women with great style. When you're known for having excellent taste in fashion, it begs the question: Does that same flair translate to your home? So when Pottery Barn tipped us off about its next collaboration with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, the creative force behind The Great and the founders of Current/Elliot, we couldn't wait to see the results.

"We design rooms that feel like the clothes we both design and love to wear," Current and Elliott tell MyDomaine of the collaboration, which launches today. "We start by dreaming about what a jeans-and-T-shirt gal's home looks like: It's classic, worn with love, and thoughtful in texture, proportion, and accessorizing." Then, the pair reimagined some of their favorite clothing prints (ticking stripes and scattered stars feature in the line) and "sprinkled some humor through artwork and décor with icons and sweet sentiments."

If you only buy one item from the collection (which is a challenge), the duo says it should be either tableware or a statement chair. "It's a tie between the Heart Cutting Board—it's the perfect mashup of useful and sweet—and the striped Emily & Meritt Bergere Chair, which is an absolute showstopper for any room in the house."

Yes, great taste extends to the home for this cool design duo.

What's your favorite piece from the new collaboration?