Look Out: These 5 Pottery Barn Paint Colors Are Going to Be Huge This Summer

If January is the time to make self-improvement resolutions, June is the moment to update personal surroundings. Now that windows can be left open to the breeze and sunlight can stream through late into the afternoon, a home filled with dark shades doesn't do much to match the mood. That's why you should resolve to make some home improvements for the summer—if anything, your months-long hibernation deserves the change.

We reached out to Monica Bhargava, executive vice president of design and product development for Pottery Barn, to give us tips on the best ways to revamp your rooms until fall arrives. Her advice? Paint. It's simple, it's affordable, and it's going to let your home complement the airy feel of the season. Here are the five paint colors that'll be popular this summer, and we suggest you get rolling on it ASAP.