What Is the Pour-Over Coffee Ratio? (Plus, Why We Love This Brew)

In the newest season of Orange Is the New Black, there's a scene in which an inmate finds contraband single-origin coffee—much better than what can be bought at the prison commissary—and you would think she had struck gold. And most of us can relate, considering our coffee ritual is something we cherish without always realizing it. That's why finding out the type of coffee we like best (and the optimal way to brew it with French press or pour-over coffee ratios) can help us start our day off on the highest note possible.

"One of the first coffee books I ever read had a line in it talking about how the opportunity to start a day by making a perfect cup of coffee was one of the best gifts you could give yourself," says Michael Phillips, the training director at Blue Bottle Coffee. "I really believe that." In order to make what's deemed a perfect cup, coffee connoisseurs like Phillips rely on the ratio of beans to water, which differs based on your coffee-making technique of choice.

And luckily for us, we got Phillips to share the pour-over coffee ratio: It's 1:15 coffee-to-water for single-origin brews and 1:11 coffee-to-water for blends. In order to create your own ideal cup, keep reading to learn exactly what pour over is, which beans to choose, and why you may want to consider it your new morning go-to.