3 Things to Do Pre-Vacation So You Actually Get to Relax

Natalie Off Duty

Summer's finally here, which means you're likely gearing up to get away from work for a while. Wherever your summer travels take you, make sure you set yourself up for atrue vacation full of unplugged and uninterrupted relaxation. Worried work pressures and responsibilities might weasel their way into your hard-earned days off? Study up on this pre-vacation checklist presented by Inc. before you board the plane to guarantee every hour between leaving the office and coming back with a tan is yours to fully enjoy.

Wrap things up. Dot your i's and cross your t's before you throw up your "OOO" status. This includes taking care of any outstanding and approaching tasks and responsibilities. Create a game plan to ensure you adequately address anything that might come up and know exactly what will be on your plate once you return. Tidying up your email inbox and your physical workspace can help ease any anxieties that arise with taking time off.

Set up a contact policy. Communicate with colleagues and clients that you'll be unavailable for the given duration, and set up a specific contact policy for how to get ahold of you if necessary.

Turn off your notifications. This might be the hardest step, but to truly relax while on your vacation, you have to allow yourself to unplug. Turning off email notifications can help you temporarily break the habit of checking your inbox constantly. If you've done the first two steps, you should be able to unplug, unwind, and truly make the most of your days off.

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