3 Secrets No One Ever Tells You About Being Pregnant

Most celebrity moms-to-be beam with excitement when asked how their pregnancy is going. They exclaim that their skin is glowing, they're able to eat whatever they want, and that they just can't wait to welcome a child into the world. While it's normal to focus on the positive aspects of pregnancy, first-time mom-to-be Whitney Port says she wishes other parents would open up about the challenges, too.

"There's a lot of pressure when you find out you're pregnant to be excited," she says in the third installment of her YouTube video series, I Love My Baby, but I Hate Pregnancy. "I couldn't force myself to be excited because of how gross I was feeling. I felt mad … and upset and disappointed with myself that I wasn't more excited to have a baby. It was a vicious cycle of beating myself up," the fashion designer continues.


thewhitneyport/ YouTube

Port says she wishes other moms would speak honestly about the lesser-known issues pregnant women face. "Sometimes I think people don't prepare you for this … because they don't want it to scare you more," she says. 

Thinking about having a baby one day? Here are three secrets Port wishes someone told her before she got pregnant:

"[You get] terrible gas pains, and you think your belly is growing into your chest," says Port. "It's literally because your uterus is growing, and so it's just like pressing on everything in your body. That feels extremely uncomfortable."

Port had a preconcieved idea of morning sickness, thanks to Kirstie Alley's character in the film Look Who's Talking. "I thought you get it before you find out … and you have it one or two times and then it goes away," she says. "I was obviously wrong and haven't been told that that's not the case, and it's three months of feeling sick."

The physical discomfort doesn't end with morning sickness. Port says no one ever told her about the weird places that hurt during the first trimester. "Sometimes when you sit up you feel this crazy pain underneath your belly like your lower abdomen—it feels like tearing. That is your ligament stretching," she says.

Can you relate to Port? Tell us what you wished other moms told you before you had a baby.