The Surprising Beauty Trend That New Moms Are Partaking In

With so much of our lives seen through the rose-colored lens of Instagram and Facebook, taking the perfect picture has become somewhat of a national obsession. For monumental life moments, like a wedding or graduation, one can expect plenty of photos making it to social media—especially if the event has an official hashtag! On these occasions, it’s a good idea to mentally and, more importantly, physically prepare for the photographs. I love a good blowout, and there’s no better reason to head to the local Drybar than a best friend’s wedding, right?

A recent New York Times article reported on a surprising new Instagram-fueled beauty trend among mothers who have just given birth. More and more moms are inviting hairstylists and makeup artists into their hospital room for post-birth pampering. The moms want to look their best for their first photo (presumably the one that makes it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) with the newborn baby. The line of thinking mentioned in the story is as follows: “Why should I not look good for that great picture that I’m going to show everybody, the first picture of my child?” Kate Middleton’s perfectly coiffed post-delivery hair is an example of the trend. While it makes sense, a hospital-room booking from a top salon can be expensive.

After you’ve snapped that perfect mommy-baby photo, wrap your newborn in a star-print swaddling cloth.

Would you have a blowout right after giving birth?