The AMA Plans to Ban Prescription Drug Ads + IKEA–Designed Refugee Shelters

Updated 10/05/17
  • The American Medical Association wants to ban ads for prescription drugs. The group says drug advertisements online or on TV create high demand for the expensive treatments when low-cost alternatives are available and possibly more effective. The AMA hopes to introduce a few new policy changes that will make prescription medication more affordable for patients. — The Verge
  • IKEA has designed new refugee shelters to be used across Iraq. The United Nations’s refugee agency just ordered 10,000 of the IKEA shelters, which will be shipped out and built this summer. Each shelter is designed to last three years and fitted with solar panels, mosquito nets, lights, ventilation, and lockable doors for privacy and protection. — Take Part
  • Helen Mirren is one of the world's most-loved actors, but did you know that wasn't her real name? The Dame's birth name is actually Ilyena Lydia Vasilievna Mironov. Her family tree can be traced back to a famous Russian soldier, ennobled by Tsar Paul I in the 18th century. — Pure Wow

  • The U.S. has a low ranking in financial literacy despite being one of the wealthiest nations. A global survey of financial literacy around the world found the U.S. ranks 14 out of 148 countries—behind Singapore and the Czech Republic. Out of 150,000 American adults who completed a survey to determine their knowledge of finance, only 57% passed. — The Wall Street Journal

  • Fortune is predicting that Apple will buy Tesla. The tech company has already announced its plans to build an electronic car, but if they buy Tesla this could dramatically accelerate their plans. This would also give Apple access to Tesla's battery power and, of course, their CEO, Elon Musk.Fortune 

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