15 Pretty Cleaning Tools That Make Us Want to Do Chores

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Scrub brush for dishes

Walmart; Graphic: MyDomaine

Cleaning isn't everyone's idea of a good time—but it's a necessary part of life, so why not try to make it more enjoyable? Having attractive and functional cleaning products can help you look forward to using them, so we've gathered some of our favorites.

Zara Wooden Dustpan and Brush Set

Wooden dustpan and brush


This dustpan and brush set combines crisp white iron with beechwood handles and acrylic bristles for a stunning combination that you might actually want to leave out on display in your home. They're also sleek and compact for easy storage.

Threshold Brushed Brass Toilet Bowl Brush Gold

Metallic toilet brush with holder


Who knew a toilet bowl brush could be chic? This stunning brush comes in brushed brass to give your bathroom an immediately more opulent feel, and the holder hides away the functional end. If you have other brass fixtures or bath accessories in your bathroom, then this is a great pick.

Shark Wandvac System Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum

Shark Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum


Vacuums are no longer purely functional, and this one proves it. If you love a touch of barely-there pink in your décor, try this stick vacuum which comes in a perfect rose gold hue. It also folds away for quick storage and comes with a few attachments to keep your whole house or apartment clean.

Geometry Not Paper Towel (Set of 12), Tropical Fruit

Tropical fruit patterned cleaning cloths


We love an eco-friendly cleaning option, and these "not paper towels" are just the ticket. Plus, they couldn't be any cuter. They're great for wiping up messes and spills (or wherever you normally use paper towels), they're totally reusable and machine washable, and they come in a range of colorful patterns to match your décor or add a touch of joy to your regular cleaning routine.

Whimsy + Wellness Clear Glass Refillable Spray Bottle W/ Protective Silicone Sleeve Base

Refillable glass bottle with terrazzo base


Terrazzo continues to have a moment, and if you don't have the time or budget for terrazzo tile, it still makes a beautiful pattern almost anywhere—including on your cleaning supplies. This pretty spray bottle is perfect for your favorite cleaners, whether store-bought or homemade, and makes a much more attractive option than branded bottles.

Greytwig Set of 10 Compostable Hemp and Loofah Kitchen Eco Dish Sponges

Set of eco friendly dish sponges


When it comes to pretty cleaning tools, sponges aren't typically high on the list—but these sponges, made of hemp and loofah, show that any cleaning tool can be beautiful. Their materials also make them eco-friendly, and they come with a sweet little bag for storage when you aren't using them.

Marley's Monsters Bamboo Duster

Bamboo duster


While feather dusters can be fun, they're not always super practical—or attractive. But this bamboo duster certainly fits the bill when it comes to both form and function. The wood handle is nice to look at and to hold, and the duster portion is made of a combination of bamboo and fleece layers that trap dust. Bonus: it's also eco-friendly.

Ayla & Co The Ayla Vacuum

Ayla & Co handheld vacuum

Ayla & Co

Handheld vacuums are so useful to have on standby for small messes, or for when overzealous snacking results in a few couch crumbs. And handheld vacuums are even better when they're nice to look at. The cordless Ayla vacuum is so handy, has a long battery life, and can be used anywhere you need a quick clean. And it has a sleek design in two sophisticated colors.

Grove Co. Matte Cleaning Caddy

White enamel cleaning caddy

Grove Co.

Stocking up on pretty cleaning products is all well and good, but where do you corral them all? This cleaning caddy from Grove Co. is perfect for carting around your cleaning supplies as you move from room to room, and is great for storing them all in one place as well.

Travelwant Dish Brush, Scrub Brush Cleaner with Long Handle

Dark green dish brush wand


Doing dishes is no one's favorite chore, but having a cute scrub brush sure helps. This very budget-friendly scrub brush comes with replaceable steel brush heads and three pretty colors, and it won't scratch your dishes or pans.

Bürstenhaus Redecker Copper Pot Scrubber

Copper pot scrubbers

Helen Milan

What's better than a plain copper pot scrubber? A pretty copper pot scrubber. While it's not recommended for nonstick surfaces, it's useful for cleaning steel and aluminum pots and pans and is even machine washable for when it starts to get icky.

Coming Soon The Staff Plunger

Pink toilet plunger

Coming Soon

Want to add a bit of color to your plunger? While we may not necessarily have considered that before, these colorful plungers have us convinced. They come with a choice pink, green, blue, or purple handle with a metallic finish, and that's not even the best part—look closely and you'll see a cute little smiley face on the top of the handle.

Full Circle FOMO Dispensing Foam Brush

Dispensing foam brush

Williams Sonoma

If you prefer a foam dish brush over steel, try this cute foam brush on for size. It has a built-in dish soap dispenser so you only use as much as you need, and has a nice design with a flat end at the handle so it can stand up on your countertops.

Nori The Nori Press

Nori Press


Steamers and irons aren't always the most attractive cleaning items, but the Nori Press is. It's compact, has six different heat settings, and two aluminum plates so you can iron or steam the back and front of your garment at the same time. And with 5 different colors to choose from, what's not to love?

Steamery Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver, Sand

Steamery Pilo 2 fabric shaver

Williams Sonoma

There's nothing worse than having pills on your clothes, but this chic fabric shaver will help keep your clothes pill-free—and look good doing it. It works effectively even when it's charging, fits nicely in your hand, and comes in cream and black.

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