Stop Everything! You Can Now Print Photos Directly From Instagram

Budding photographers and amateur art collectors, listen up. A new printer/mobile app combo allows you to print those little square captures we love so dearly directly from Instagram, and you can do so from any feed. Yep, that means that the pictures by photogs you love and follow can essentially be yours.

Canon's new "all-in-one" printer, which will retail for $80, comes with a Print mobile app, which lets you print photos directly from the photo-sharing platform. Download the app, select which social network you want to use, pick your photos, and print wirelessly. Easy-peasy. The app will also work with other sharing sites like Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook, and though other services already offer the capacity to print from Instagram, all of them require a wait time in order to process and produce the prints. Canon's Print app makes it easy and immediate.

So, if it's been awhile since you've owned a printer (erm, college?), this might be the time to clear off some desk space. Just think of all the DIY gallery walls you'll be able to tackle!

Are you on Instagram? Would you be excited to try out Canon's new app? Tell us in the comments!