What to Buy at the Farmers Market This Month

We love to cook “in-season” fruits and vegetables, because it's when they're at their peak in terms of flavor and freshness. We also try to shop for locally grown produce at farmers markets as it's less likely to be damaged (compared to, say, oranges traveling all the way South America), and it requires less energy to transport (a win for the environment). What's more, because the fruits and vegetables are in their native climate (or close to it), they ripen more naturally. And we also love getting to know and support our local farmers, so there’s that.

To get you on board with in-season cooking, we’ve outlined the produce that’s available this month. Several fruits and vegetables are at their peak, which means now’s the time to buy them. The "newly in season" section includes produce that should arrive at farmers markets over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out. And the fruits and veggies under “winding down” probably won't be at the markets come May, so enjoy them while they last. Keep scrolling for a full guide to April's in-seaon produce.