This Is the One Productivity Tip That Works for Everyone

You've most likely heard your fair share of advice when it comes to boosting productivity. From making daily to-do lists to exercising more, try as you might, you may not have nailed down a hack that works for you just yet. That's because there is no single habit or trick that works for everyone, says productivity expert and author Charles Duhigg in a recent Inc. article. We're all different, so what works for someone else might not lead you to the same productive results. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Duhigg doesn't leave it at that. He says the one thing that does in fact work in everyone's favor is experimenting with habits that lead you to think more deeply about how you can accomplish your goals. The trick is to find what makes you more contemplative. He explains, "The most productive people take their daily habits and routines and they try to imbue them with aspects that encourage them to think more deeply. And then rotate through various routines ('This week I'll try meditating, and next week I'll try exercising, and the week after that I'll write down my stretch goal each morning...') until they find something that works. And then they stick with it."

So the one hack that actually applies to everyone? Finding what works best for you specifically—through trial and error—and making a habit of it.

Meditation has been known to help some people lead a more productive life. Try it out by experimenting with this guided meditation from self-help guru Kris Carr.