4 Productivity Tips That Really Work

If the success of his startup turned tech empire has anything to say for it, Mark Zuckerberg packs some serious credibility in the productivity department, which is why we’re taking note of Inc.’s recent article, in which the billionaire revealed his top four secrets for getting things done. Read on for his proven productivity techniques.

Though it’s technically considered free time, quiet moments of relaxation outside the office can present the perfect opportunity to refocus on an of-the-moment project. You'll often see things from a different perspective after taking a step back to reevaluate. It only makes sense that remaining focused and anticipating future actions, whether you're on the clock or not, will leave you better prepared for any situation.

By applying the same amount of focus and diligence toward personal goals as those you set for your career, you’ll be much more likely to see results. This means dedicating time and energy to self-improvement aspirations, rather than leaving them to be accomplished in your spare hours (which, for most, are few and far between). In other words, if you plan to go vegan for a year, hold yourself accountable in the same way you would for a work-related goal.

Getting started can be the most difficult aspect of approaching a project, but it’s also the most important part. As the Facebook founder says, "I think a simple rule of business is if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress." The key here is creating momentum, even if it stems from the simplest tasks, which will propel the project forward.

Productivity alone is not enough; you must expect productivity from the people you rely on, as well. If you're open about the level of commitment and dedication you're setting for yourself, your team will follow suit. Make it clear that you're not prepared to accept anything but the best, which will ensure you receive the quality of work you're expecting.

Read more about Mark Zuckerberg's productivity hacks over at Inc.com, and start organizing your annual goals with this desk blotter from Paper Source.

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