24 Products to Bring the 2023 Colors of the Year Home

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blue floral room

Whittney Parkinson

The colors of the year are here for 2023 and they're the most cheery, playful, and—most importantly—versatile shades we've ever seen. Their bright and grounded tones are setting a precedent to take a leap of faith when it comes to making decisions about your décor and approaching the new year with an open mind. We've rounded up a few products, so you can give your room a subtle homage to the new colors of the year.

Redend Point by Sherwin Williams

Redend Point is a comforting beige terracotta that brings everyone together closely with its warm nature. Whether it's for your own home or as a gift from one host to another, the sandstone gift set includes everything you need to successfully entertain and connect with your guests. From a wine cooler to bar tools, you won't need to take anything else out of storage for upcoming gatherings. And a nightstand is the ultimate storage item—it can be used to layer décor or as a place for miscellaneous items on the shelves. With its neutral color, it can either balance out contrasting colors and patterns or blend well with other neutrals.

Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams Entertainer Sandstone Marble Gift Set

entertainer sandstone gift set

Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams

Urban Outffiters Marte Nightstand

urban outfitters marte nightstand

Urban Outfitters

Blank Canvas by Behr

By being an uplifting off-white shade, Blank Canvas embodies change. The flower vanity stool is a timeless staple to add to any room that's in need of some extra fun. Because it's such a versatile design and color, it can be paired with any room's theme regardless of whether it's minimalist or maximalist. If you love to constantly change paint colors or move everything around, this stool is guaranteed to complement any transformation. Shaped as a scalloped petal, the Nali marble bowl can be placed on top of tables to give your oak some extra texture or be used to store small items like keys or jewelry.

Urban Outfitters Ciara Flower Vanity Stool

Ciara Flower Vanity Stool

Urban Outfitters

Annie Selke Nali Marble Bowl

Nali Marble Bowl

Annie Selke

Canyon Ridge by Better Homes & Gardens

As a blush sunbaked terracotta, it only makes sense to use BHG's color of the year in a way that celebrates all things sunshine and outdoors. Imagine throwing an outdoor dinner party with the Our Place ovenware set. It can be directly transported to the table after coming out of the oven, skipping the step of moving it onto dinner plates. It'll save you the time and the extra cleanup while also adding to your stunning tablescape. And planters should be as much a part of your décor as your actual plants; picking the right planter for your space will further elevate the look of both your space and greenery.

Our Place Ovenware Set

our place ovenware set

Our Place

Hawkins New York Footed Terracotta Planters

Hawkins New York Footed Terracotta Planters


Vining Ivy by Glidden

Vining Ivy is a piercing and deep blue-green that complements neutrals and textures. What better way to make a striking statement than a sofa? In many ways, sofas are the place where we spend most of our time to ground ourselves through resting and reading. You'll need a piece will do Vining Ivy justice by capturing people's attention the moment they walk in. When it comes to flatware, you don't always have to choose basic metals. It's time to add color to our flatware, so it sparks conversations over dinner and adds an additional décor element to the table.

Urban Outfitters Wendall Sofa

wendall sofa

Urban Outfitters

Sabre Stainless Steel Flatware in Teal

Sabre Stainless Steel Flatware in Teal

Coming Soon

Rustic Greige by Dutch Boy Paints

Rustic Greige is the definition of sophistication and harmonious, so it's fitting to bring in products that send the same message. If you're in love with the color but aren't sure how you can dress it up in a room, consider this floral wallpaper that adds the most subtle and charming touch of aesthetic botanicals. Gardening supplies can be both chic and functional. Add your seasonal flowers or plants into this minimalistic planter which will make your garden look like its own art piece.

McGee & Co Verity Floral Wallpaper

Verity Floral wallpaper

McGee & Co

Lulu and Georgia Ravine Planter, Taupe - Large

Ravine Planter, Taupe - Large

Lulu and Georgia

Multiple Colors by Valspar

Valspar introduced 12 new colors of the year instead of one and we're not complaining—with the many color options, you can mix and match what speaks to you and your current space without having to compromise. A lamp is a classic addition to any nightstand or dresser for some extra lighting. With its large stature, you want to make sure it blends in or complements your space rather than being an eyesore. If your room is a whole neutral palette but you wanna bring in color in an easy but effective way, consider changing out your sheet set for one with a bit of color.

Rory Pots Tower Lamp

Rory Pots Tower Lamp

Rory Pots

Modern Shapes Matelasse Duvet Cover & Shams

Modern Shapes Matelasse Duvet Cover & Shams

West Elm

Tiramisu by C2 Paint

As a hue that combines flickers of gold and copper, it's only right to include a candle to represent the calm and cozy nature of Tiramisu. Unlike most candles, the Margot candle has a ceramic extension to hold matches, so if you have any matchboxes laying around from collecting them—this is your opportunity to use them. If you've been looking for stools that look sleek but are actually comfortable, these Emeco Alfi stools will do just that and more.

Urban Outfitters Margot Candle

Margot Candle

Urban Outfitters

Emeco Alfi Counter Stool Low Back

Alfi Counter Stool Low Back


Yellow-Orange Rubberband by Backdrop x Coming Soon

Bring in a playful color like yellow-orange rubberband, so it brightens the feel of your space. A bar cart should be as lively as the party, so why not make it a color that everyone will notice? This bar cart's whimsical design is perfect for displaying pretty glassware and spirits, so guests know exactly where to go when they need a drink. Or give your room an extra quirky layer with a tufted rug that has both color and texture from its scalloped edges and plaid pattern.

Matilda Goad & Co. Bar Cart

Orange bar cart


Matilda Goad & Co. Tufted Plaid Rug

orange tufted and scalloped rug


Alizarin by Graham & Brown

If your walls have been looking a bit empty, consider putting up some wall art to spruce up the area that's barren. Alizarin, a stunning red, sets a moody tone, so when it's paired with a lighter shade of blue, it creates a popping contrast that'll make it difficult to look away. And you're sure to become a morning person when you have bright and unique bowls to eat your cereal.

Anthropologie Pomegranate Trio Wall Art

Pomegranate Trio Wall Art


The Six Bells Red Check Cereal Bowl

Red Check Cereal Bowl

The Six Bells

Spanish Moss by Krylon

Just a touch of green may be exactly what your room has been missing—a deep shade of green can connect your space with nature and make you feel grounded when it's time to unwind. If you don't have much room to move things around, no need to worry because these products can easily be incorporated. The cheetah rug will add both an eclectic and charming element. Room dividers often come in plain patterns, which make it challenging to have a cohesive-looking space. This floral room divider exudes elegance with its upholstered panels and design.

Anthropologie Cheetah Rug

Cheetah rug


Anthropologie Floral Upholstered Room Divider

Anthropologie Floral Upholstered Room Divider
Courtesy of Anthropologie.

Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards

Terra Rosa is a sweet but subtle rosy hue with terracotta undertones that bring the right amount of color into your home. What better way to bring in a sweet color than a strawberry-lidded basket? The basket will add more detail to your space while helping you store anything that doesn't have its own designated spot. You can throw in any last-minute stationary, keys, or toys and nobody will know (don't worry—we won't tell). Illuminate your room with a rosy glow with this Alice Glass Table Lamp—it'll help you complete some overnight work or when you read.

H&M Lidded Basket

H&M strawberry lidded basket


Urban Outfitters Alice Glass Table Lamp

Alice glass lamp

Urban Outfitters

Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore

Throw blankets can be used for any occasion because they bring warmth, comfort, and color into any room. As an electrifying hue, it will bring a pop of red and excitement with its upbeat shade. And st a cheery tone with a mushroom essential oil diffuser that will have your space smelling all kinds of aromatics.

Anthropologie Knit Geo Throw Blanket

red and pink knit blanket


Urban Outfitters Mushroom Essential Oil Diffuser

Mushroom Essential Oil Diffuser

Urban Outfitters