Adding This One Thing to Your Diet Could Help Reverse Bone Loss

Updated 03/20/17
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Bone loss is often an unconsidered health factor. Women begin losing bone density as early as their 30s and can lose up to 20% of their bone density within years after menopause. However, when we consider our overall health and well-being, our bones aren't always at the forefront of our minds.

In Scientific American, nutrition specialist Monica Reinagel recently weighed in on a surprising way to benefit bone health with a simple dietary change. She discusses how dried plums, or prunes, can positively affect bone health—doing so much as to prevent osteoporosis and even reverse substantial bone loss. One study she cites found that subjects already experiencing substantial bone loss could begin to reverse the losses by eating prunes every day. Other studies have demonstrated that eating prunes regularly could help to prevent bone loss before it even starts.

The takeaway is that there's no harm done in upping the intake of prunes, or prune juice, in your daily diet. However it's important to consider the limitations of the research. All studies were conducted on mice, so how the results might translate to human specimens is still unknown. Yet increasing your intake of prunes is still a dietary switch to consider if bone loss is something that runs in your family.

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