Exciting New Legislation Could Change the Lives of Working Parents

Parents is reporting on a new bill proposed by California lawmakers that could change the life of a modern working parent forever. If passed, the bill would give parents paid time off to attend school-related functions. Businesses with more than 25 employees will be required to give parents three paid days off per year to go to a child’s field trip, performance, or party. "Studies show that this greatly improves your child's educational chances in life," said state assemblyman Mike Gatto, who introduced the legislation. "And it's really critical that we give parents this opportunity to do it without forcing them to make the tough decision between paying the bills and being involved.” The bill was just introduced, so it still has to go through the process of being voted upon by the state senate, but it’s a promising step in the right direction. A family’s income should not dictate the involvement in their child’s education. A parent shouldn’t have to choose between going to a parent teacher conference and going to work, so here’s to hoping that the bill gains traction and more working moms and dads are able to take paid time off to support their kid’s educational process.

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Are you a working parent? Would you like to have paid time off to attend your children’s important school moments?